Alfa Romeo C4 Review

Alfa Romeo Supercar Concept Notes Back To The U.S. Market.

Attracting crowds ever when it premiered at the Geneva Motor Show last week, Alfa Romeo 4C new concept has been at the forefront of almost all publishers of language as a favorite. Although the design of the attraction of the two doors of clear matte red flower heads are attractive again, the marriage of inspiration with a super compact production in 2012 and offers a more audacious, perhaps even a welcome return to U.S. market brand. Based on the success of the flagship, the 8C Competizione Limited Edition was introduced in 2007, as well as the 8C Spider, RWD 4C parties seem "shaped by the wind." Designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the body does not only quote lines of vintage Alfa Romeo, including the famous 6C 6C 1500 and 2500, but uses the same weight and the distribution ratio, which made those cars so fast.

4C that the lack of power (four-cylinder for the eight muscles of his predecessors), it compensates with a provision for retaining a more wily and light, composed mainly of carbon rear and aluminum to ensure maximum Agility, which is not the engine does not pack a punch. A 200 hp with a top speed of 250 km / h, a new "double dry clutch" transmission, ranging from zero to 100 km in less than five seconds) and a system that eliminates turbo lag, which may find that the gasoline engine in production models such as the Giulietta, Alfa compact fans salivating for it to enter the United States.

If the parent brand Fiat to come to the United States is any indication, probably used in the Chrysler Forum 4C, which would make the first model hit these shores since the Alfa Spider and stopped producing the mid 90s. While there is no word of pricing yet, (even if it falls somewhere in the $ 100,000 competition's label), here's hoping the repairs comes with it.
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