2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Review

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept debuted at the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva. This compact "supercar" that represents the true essence of a sports car, depending on the brand values: performance, Italian style and technical expertise for the pleasure of driving safely.

The new concept presented in the classic formula for a two-seater, rear wheel drive coupe, that engine in the middle, about 4 meters long and the pace is less than 2.4 meters, the size, which are used both to highlight the size compact car and the agility to highlight it. Distinguished by clean lines and graceful exterior, the same principles apply within the concept design for special trains to maintain the properties and equipment that directly reflect the car's sporting spirit.

Alfa Romeo Concept 4C technologies and materials come from 8C Competizione find a home - carbon, aluminum, rear-wheel drive - and the technology derived from Alfa Romeo models currently available: the motor 1750 turbo gasoline direct injection, the "Alfa TCT" dry twin clutch and dynamic management Alfa DNA selector.

In short, this car Alfa claims. His soul sport creates a unique driving experience in both road racing, where speed and transverse acceleration are even more demanding.

Born from the experience of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and 8C Spider models, the new shares of its concept car with rear-wheel drive super exclusive cars, and philosophy based on achieving maximum driving pleasure and the legendary Alfa Romeo handling. It is a goal that the 8C Competizione and 8C Spider continuing mainly due to their increased power, while Alfa Romeo 4C Concept follows the route of a limited weight, made possible by the extensive use of coal, which is also a structural role and warrants outstanding agility with a weight / power ratio is less than 4 kg / hp. The frame supports a body made entirely from coal, in which there is room for driver and passenger, while the structure of the rear frame and crash box use aluminum extensively.

The name "4C concept" evokes the pleasure of sporty driving only the spectacular "4 cylinder" 1750 turbo petrol engine that offers more than 200 HP can offer. It presented a series of production models like the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde, the engine has technical leading edge solutions such as direct injection, dual continuously variable valve timing and turbo system revolutionary control analysis that eliminates turbo lag.

Located at the back center of the vehicle, the engine on the Alfa Romeo 4C concept guarantees a return that equals or exceeds that of a 3-liter engine, while still providing moderate fuel consumption, which is typical of a 4-cylinder compact. Along with the new automatic transmission "Alfa TCT" dual-clutch transmission dry, launched a few months ago and the MiTo will soon be available in the Giulietta, the powerful turbocharged petrol engine enables the 1750 Alfa Romeo 4C concept reach a top speed of over 250 km / h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km in less than 5 seconds. The car features Alfa DNA technology and a philosophy that brings together all the technology on board, so it is nice and customizable to the driver and further accentuating the "competitive" nature of the concept compared to other cars available today.

The Alfa Romeo 4C concept has a sophisticated suspension geometry (top box front, MacPherson strut at the rear) to ensure maximum agility and handling. This solution, with the rear wheel and the relationship extraordinary power / weight, Alfa Romeo ensures driving pleasure, backed by the weight distribution (40% in the front and 60% rear). The concept has the sporting tradition of the brand, which brings us back to its origins, when the speed and power / weight ratio are the keys to a successful race car, and the combination of these aspects with the Alfa Romeo taking road every day.

This car is not just a styling exercise created for the Motor Show, it goes on sale in 2012 and is set to strengthen Alfa Romeo global growth.

The end result is a significant reduction in weight, is limited to less than 850 kg, and optimizing the vehicle's center of gravity, giving the advantage of agility and maneuverability in the hard way.
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