2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon Review

Despite the TSX to be a good choice in its class, Acura has not rested on its laurels, as a series of major updates were made for 2011. Topping the list, the Acura TSX receives a freshened appearance with a wide range of new features and technology - with particular emphasis on improving the quality and quiet cabin. In addition, significant improvements have been made both 2.4L and 3.5L I-4 V-6 engines for improved fuel economy and engine life.

While the TSX sedan receives major upgrades for 2011, the big news is a variant of the all-new TSX - Acura TSX Sport Wagon. With a lively style and value, the Acura TSX Sport Wagon is an intelligent alternative for those considering a compact SUV. In addition to increased fuel economy, the Acura TSX Sport Wagon offers the cargo area comparable to that of many compact SUVs. Additionally, the Acura TSX Sport Wagon has a multi-configurable rear cargo (with numerous hidden storage areas), a backdoor low elevation height for loading and unloading, and available drive.

"The all-new Acura TSX Sportwagon is an intelligent alternative for those who need additional benefit," said Jeff Conrad, vice president of sales Acura. "With Sportwagon, the customer also benefits from sports performance sedan with a cargo capacity type SUV. "

Acura luxury intelligent philosophy is well documented by a combination of good looks, a luxurious interior available with a wide range of technology features and excellent security - all at an exceptional level of value. Thank you to this fantastic blend of features, the TSX has the largest percentage of buyers under age 30 among all luxury sedans, and was the leader in its segment volume according to Global Insight.


Externally, all TSX models get a new front fascia, chin spoiler revised, the new group, fog, and garnish with grid updated. Updated with new teams in front underbody panels to improve aerodynamics. Behind the revised taillights and rear license plate garnish to add visual appeal to the TSX.

The new Sportwagon model, sport-coupe style and value combine the perfect combination for those who lead an active life. For these customers, the Acura TSX Sportwagon reflects their passion for performance and sporty at the same time supporting their active social life, the way a spacious, comfortable seating for five.

Includes a unique structure of high rigidity at the rear of the body with a particular tranche Style section, Acura TSX Sportwagon while providing excellent strength of body.

The standard 17-inch 5-spoke aluminum for the 2.4L 4-cylinder models (saloon and Sportwagon) now include a machined lip on the front shelves. Split 5-spoke alloy wheels are standard 18 inches on the TSX sedan with 3.5L V-6 engine.


Inside, all models 2011 TSX get a lot of updates in the form of a visual style for the revised center console, trim a darker pieces, handles brilliantly done, parking brake handle updated and new contours for the steering wheel. In addition, only the dot of color stitching on the new leather seats, door armrests and center console. Rear seat passengers can enjoy more comfort thanks to addition to the heating / air vents mounted on the rear center console, center console and the TSX, the load space is now air conditioned.

The new Acura TSX Sportwagon offers even more utility than the TSX sedan. Besides offering a generous 60.5 cubic feet, the rear cargo area (with rear seats folded), the rear vehicle height of about 28-inch opening allows for storage of large bulky items such as boxes, furniture, bicycles Four full-size golf bags and even surfboards.

In addition, the Sport Wagon has four storage compartments hidden from view. A storage area of ​​2.4 cubic feet is cleverly located on a lift gate on the cargo floor. Small objects can be placed in an area of ​​0.2 cubic feet storage (hidden by a removable panel) on the side panel of the driver's side, or one of two 13-inch storage areas near the long- main storage area on the ground. With a height of lowest elevation of about 24 inches, the loading of heavy objects is simplified. For added security, the rule is a retractable roof that keeps the rear cargo items to be seen with the naked eye must pass through the rear windows.

Even with the second-row seat to use, has generous cargo space available on the Sport Wagon. The 60/40 rear seats have a folding design, so that part can be lowered to generate more cargo space, while the other section can remain in position to accommodate a passenger in the backseat. Or, the seats can be folded for maximum cargo space is filled with a flat load floor that is almost 70 inches long. As expected, the Sport Wagon has a variety of clip-load to maintain security features.

The Acura TSX Sportwagon is 60.5 cu-ft (rear seats folded down) of space for luggage in the back is more than most other cars in this class, including the BMW 3 Series (54.7 pi-pi) and Audi A4 (56, 5 ft-ft). The Acura TSX Sportwagon as rivals (or beats) the carrying capacity of compact SUVs. And Sportwagon is a smart alternative for those considering buying a compact SUV - but who appreciate the better fuel economy and performance of a sports sedan.

Acura is known for its exceptional range of users of the technology involved, and the TSX in 2011 further expands on the concept. New for 2011, the TSX with the Technology Package now includes an LED backlight screen providing complete navigational VGA (generated by the resolution of 400 percent more than before), improving the functions of the navigation system (yield more fast research capacity and improving the expanded map coverage), Song ™ Voice User Interface (SBV), a unit of 60 gigabytes hard disk drive (HDD), and the ability to download 15 GB hard drive music TSX staff. With the ability to store over 3500 songs, there is no need for bulky CD.

Acura has always paid much attention to the building's interior is exceptionally quiet, and the TSX for 2011 is even bigger cabin serenity of its products, as a new acoustic glass windshield, side windows thicker, use more reduction of noise insulation, improved heating mats and the new laptop.


2011 TSX is fun to drive thanks to two powerful engine choices; spirited 2.4l inline four-cylinder 3.5l engine and the torque V-6. In 2011, both engines are a series of improvements to reduce internal friction working to improve fuel economy and increase engine life. As a result, friction reduction measures are an important factor in reducing fuel consumption, shows the improvement of the city and EPA highway fuel consumption of 2.4l I-4, and the 3.5l V-6 engine.

The new automatic programming help maximize engine power, allowing Shift Hold control when cornering as well as a "smart move" function that allows semi-manual operation when the unit is not alone, while the Sport mode. In addition, 5-speed automatic sequential Sportshift now includes a hot fluid that helps to improve the quality of the turn, the duration of the exchange rate and fuel for the engine TSX owners live in a colder climate.


Sales of Acura car dealerships November 23, 2011, the TSX sedan with a 2.4l I-4 engine has an MSRP of $ 29.610 for both manual and automatic models. Equipped with the technology package available, MSRP is $ 32,710. TSX sedan with a 3.5l V-6 engine has an MSRP of $ 35,150 or $ 38,250 with a technology package.

The 2011 TSX Sport Wagon is for sale December 21, 2010, with a base price of $ 30,960. When equipped with the technology package available, the Acura TSX Sport Wagon has an MSRP of $ 34 610.

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