2011 Acura RL Review

RL luxury made its world debut at the Auto Show in Chicago in 2010. With bold, sleek exterior design, an improved interior, advanced technologies and powerful new engine, new Acura RL pushes the limits of performance, style and luxury. The 2011 Acura RL goes on sale this spring at Acura dealerships nationwide.

The 2011 Acura RL promotes cutting-edge technology with the addition of new high-tech items including AcuraLink ® weather, AcuraLink ® ™ reorganization of traffic, a new Note function for XM ® Radio Active Sound Control, Bluetooth ® Audio and a list of already robust features found in previous Acura RL. To enhance handling, new chassis technology abounds in the transmission of the form of improved Super Handling All-Wheel Drive ™, a revised steering system, upgraded coil springs, shock absorbers more efficient, the rear stabilizer bar and wheels more aggressive and tires. Performance improves with the Acura RL with a new, larger 3.7-liter V-6 that incorporates the first use of VTEC SOHC ® actuation valves for both intake and exhaust.

"RL represents the very best we have to offer in terms of engineering, technology, performance, luxury and safety," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of sales. "It is designed for a new generation of luxury buyers seeking high performance and travel faster, more efficient and more connected to the world around them."

For 2009 Acura RL will be offered in three different trim levels including RL, RL with Technology Package and RL with CMBS ™ Plus Technology Group. All the RL receives a powerful new 3.7-liter V-6 engine, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive ™, a Bose ® Surround audio system, Bluetooth ® hands-free Link ® connectivity and a GPS-based solar-sensing control system climate. The technology package includes the satellite navigation system with Acura Voice Activation ™ with rearview camera, AcuraLink ® real-time traffic, weather AcuraLink ®, ™ reorganization of traffic, a rear backup camera, Active light system before (AFS), ventilated front seats, and a. wood / leather steering wheel and gear knob High Acura RL package is the Technology Package with CMBS ™ which also includes Acura brake system to reduce impact acclaimed ™ (CMBS ™), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and a real pane wood trim instrument.


Innovation is integrated into the new Acura RL starts with the most powerful engine ever offered in an Acura sedan. An all-new 3.7-liter V-6 engine develops 300 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque thanks to an innovative VTEC ™ a new system of control valves for both intake and exhaust, a compression ratio higher, with a special dual-stage magnesium intake manifold that enables the intake to function as a single collector or double plenum design based on engine operating parameters. In addition to developing more power and torque, engine meets tough CARB Acura RL ULEV-2 emission standards and delivers good fuel economy. The engine compartment RL appears more upscale thanks to a new surround panel assembly that reduces visual distractions and focuses directly on the all-new 3.7-liter V-6 engine.

To handle more power in the 3.7-liter version of a new 5-speed sequential automatic Sportshift was installed in 2011 Acura RL. F1 comes with a new "smart" ®-style steering wheel paddles and a new straight-gate

console mounted gear selector, the Acura RL driver now has more control than ever.

The acclaimed Super Handling traction on all RL-Wheel ™ (SH-AWD ™) system returns for 2011, but is now faster and more efficient response.

There are many benefits of driving all four wheels, but SH-AWD ™ is a key feature that is not available with traditional AWD systems - SH-AWD ™ utilizes torque vectors to increase the speed of rotation of an off- rear wheel aggressive cornering to help the car turn more effectively while in power. This "detour" function reduces the cornering load on the front tires to minimize understeer, to improve balance and handling of increasing overall cornering grip.

Body and chassis

To further improve handling and comfort, the new Acura RL maintains a fully independent suspension system with front fork and dual rear multi-link architecture. For 2011, the Acura RL has higher rate coil springs, larger stabilizer bar diameter, stiffer bushings and improved support assembly components rack design direction. To further improve handling and looks, new 18-inch diameter 7-spoke aluminum wheels combine with more aggressive tires (replacing the previous 17-inch wheel / tire offering).

Internal / external

New 2011 Acura RL exterior style is not only aggressive, but it offers excellent aerodynamics and reduced rear lift at high speeds. Acura RL is a more athletic style foreshadows the power is hidden in the new power plenum front grille and blow formed aluminum hood. RL shape is taut and athletic, and its acceleration and cornering performance allow you to challenge the most capable German and Japanese sedans sports. Quality of comfort, quietness and ride are also best performance sedan competitors. In 2011, eight exterior colors are available - five are new - including a new pearl pigment process that improves luster and shine.

Inside, the 2011 Acura RL has a more elegant interior that includes more room for rear seat passengers, easier to use front seatbelts, door-mounted pull pockets, softer armrests, redesigned valves, letters larger / clearer for HVAC control, and easier operation of climate control functions. A revised steering wheel with available genuine wood trim (included with the CMBS package) and metal-look accents is now installed on the Acura RL with a knob of wood covered with corresponding transmission. Complementing the steering wheel are upgraded gauges that incorporate brushed metal accents for enhanced appearance. In 2011, for additional insulation, a more high-tech design of the windshield glass acoustic Acura, and a new Active Sound Control (ASC) team noise reduction to further reduce already quiet cabin of the Acura RL.

RL perforated leather front seats now incorporate six levels, and heated / cooled ventilation. Moreover, as the seat of the driver, front passenger seat now has 10-part variability. In 2011, the central panel is now clearer, and is surrounded by a new background color and improve the quality of the molded wood panels. These interior upgrades are complete with advanced electronics, which includes the satellite, the Acura navigation system with voice activation AcuraLink ® ™ innovative system of satellite communication in real-time traffic information, AcuraLink Traffic Rerouting ™ and ® (new 2011) AcuraLink ® weather. Acura RL is the first feature of the car market in-dash integrated, continually updated real-time weather information on a screen format.

The spectacular Acura / Bose ® 10-speaker Sound System with DVD-Audio returns but now upgraded to include Bluetooth ® Audio, even richer audio, a new Note function for XM ® Radio, the button to improve their reading, and a USB port connection.


2011 Acura RL Acura maintain extremely rigid Advanced Compatibility Engineering ™ (ACE ™) body structure that features extensive use of high strength steel and lightweight aluminum components to take vehicle construction beyond conventional safety protocols while the whole weight vehicle under control. ACE ™ front structure of the polygonal main frame is designed to prevent cabin deformation by dividing the frontal impact forces through multiple load bearing pathways - and away from the passenger compartment. In 2011, to improve the safety of a new active head restraint system is integrated in the front seats to help protect the neck and the head of a car rear-impact collision. Continue to support the safety, the Acura RL includes as standard a passenger seatbelt reminder system for tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) and six airbags. These advances team to make 2011 Acura RL strongest, most powerful, best handling, safest and most luxurious sedan Acura has ever built.

The Acura RL has received five star ratings (better) than frontal and side and rollover resistance, Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The RL is the fourth vehicle in the history of the program for the top rating of "5 stars" in the three test categories. Star ratings are part of the government (NHTSA) of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Program Evaluation of new cars. In addition, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the highest rating the Acura RL as well in assessing the impact of a side impact (SICE), with a good rating for IIHS crash 'Frontal offset crash test. With a new active head restraints front seat passengers, the Acura RL 2011 is expected to receive a good grade on the evaluation of the IIHS crash protection back.

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