Lotus Evora Review

The first new Lotus since the iconic Lotus Elise made its debut in 1995, the Lotus Evora sports car should be on the market is currently the only 2 +2 mid-equipped. Powered by Lotus developed 3.5-liter V6, 280 hp, and weighs only 1350 kg, the Lotus Evora promises breathtaking performance. In preliminary testing around the famous N�rburgring, the Lotus chassis engineers report that it is extremely agile and fun to drive - even if the full development disguise that hid the precious beautiful lines prying motor-industry paparazzi.

In addition to excellent performance and exemplary handling, the Lotus Evora offers a more detailed properties of Lotus existing smaller four-cylinder models. The elegant interior is elegantly trimmed and its equipment includes contemporary features such as an advanced touch screen multimedia system and power door mirrors sometimes.

Lotus Evora

As one of the roles of the Lotus Evora is to attract new customers to the Lotus brand, much attention has been paid to its ease of use. Doorways bigger, taller and narrower sills make entry and exit from the cab less athletic undertaking than it is in Lotus is smaller sports cars (Elise, Exige, Europa and 2-Eleven), while the house design is can accommodate two 99-percentile (6 ft 5in tall) American men in the front seats.

The factor of convenience "of the Lotus Evora extends to less obvious areas of the car. For example, the entire front structure under the skin is a high-tech aluminum sacrificial modular, which is attached to the main extruded aluminum tub. This modular unit is designed to deform for maximum safety and reduce repair costs in the event of a frontal collision.

The Lotus Evora has been designed with global automotive regulations in mind, and future derivatives are planed, these include, among others, a convertible.

Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora will be hand made and built on a dedicated new assembly line within the production facilities for advanced Lotus Hethel in the east of England, capacity limitations will restrict production to approximately 2000 cars a year, ensuring the rarity of the dynamic new sports car and exclusivity.

Style or function? Have both ... Designed in-house by Lotus Design, as elegant and sporty uses fluid forms and clean surfaces to communicate velocity, agility and sophistication. Low and wide with modern cab forward proportions, muscular rear haunches and function optimized hip air intakes this is clearly a serious mid-engine sports car that skilfully hides the practicality of its two plus two capability.

Lotus Evora

Input and output, for example, dictated a minimal "step" to enter the Lotus Evora. We just cut the surface under the door and created a unique and spectacular piece of sculpture that strengthens the position of the car and its ease of use.

Elsewhere, aerodynamic considerations for drag down force and cooling had significant but positive effect on the overall shape and details such as air intakes. The desire to create balanced down force, that increases cornering performance led to the adoption, by now, "signature" top exit radiator valve, race car inspired diffuser and "floating rear wing". Drag limitation, drove the dramatic tear fell cabin and sinuous plant gave the car more muscular rear shoulder and forward refinement appropriate for this market segment.

Lotus Evora

Courtesy lights concentrate is used throughout the interior, giving a spectacular illuminated feel to the characteristics of sculpture in the cabin.

The massive use of hand, premium leather differentiates The Evora from other Lotus Lotus products and such is its importance to the character of the car as a whole finishing the new store was built at the Lotus Headquarters in the UK Kingdom, dedicated to its production.

Even the entry-level versions of the Lotus Evora will feature leather-upholstered seats, upper door panel trim and dashboard, but it is expected that most customers choose full hide treatment. With a variety of leather colors available, customers will be able to customize the Lotus Evora.

Lotus Evora

Modern technology also mentioned in the Lotus Evora's cabin. A newly developed Alpine multimedia system with 7 inch touch screen provides audio, satellite navigation, video, Bluetooth � hands-free telephone and iPod � connectivity functions, the display will also show rear-view camera of the Lotus Evora. The satellite navigation system is removable, so you can program the comfort of your home, or take to continue the journey in a foreign location for pedestrians.

Audio set-up of the Alps is one of the most sophisticated cars in the world. Called the track and using MultEQ sound enhancement technology, is able to reverse the imbalances caused by the sound of the cabin window glass, for instance, creating echoes, while carpets suppress mid frequencies - that is incredibly sharp, clear, a distortion-free sound reproduction in your car wherever you sit.

Lotus Evora

A measure an air conditioning system developed by Bergstrom is standard on all models and is designed for the hottest climate or the closest humidity to help provide maximum occupant comfort. Lotus traction control and onboard tire pressure monitoring will also be available.

Exceptional relationship that Lotus has enjoyed with Toyota for decades, by far the most enthusiastic reception, the company's four-cylinder power, Elise and Exige, guaranteed the Japanese giant's inclusion of candidates for the Lotus Evora engine supplier.

The final choice was Toyota's all-alloy 2GR-FE 3.5-liter V6 DOHC Dual VVT-i (timing "intelligent" variable valve timing). Lotus has carefully developed its own software engine management T6E for this engine to maximize its compatibility with the unique requirements for the Lotus Evora to give a peak power of 280 hp at 6400 rpm, while increasing its maximum torque of 342 Nm at 4700 rpm (prototype figures).

Lotus Evora

Changes in engine management and exhaust systems also allow the V6 to rev more freely and provide rapid throttle response; comments from the development team suggests that the strength of mid-range torque means that the motor courageous performance will be easily accessible without having to thunder through Redline. This makes the Lotus Evora a car entirely satisfactory for everyday road use and a rewarding experience if you just want to run.

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