2012 Toyota Yaris Review

Toyota is usually quite simple, and its marketing in general. But a new campaign for the 2012 Toyota Yaris has left us scratching our heads at first. "It 'a car!" Toyota says. And here we thought that was obvious. Then we had the opportunity to drive earlier versions of the Yaris around the artsy neighborhood of West Los Angeles, Culver City, Toyota and realized that he was absolutely right: it is a machine. And that's all.

2012 Toyota Yaris
The Toyota Yaris is available on the basis of L, middle grade levels and Sport LE and SE trim "Liftback" hatchback three-or five-door Toyota-speak. The Yaris sedan has been discontinued. Toyota says the sedans now represent 70 percent of sales of Yaris, and the elimination of the saloon helps reduce the number of build combinations from 24 to 9.

Credit is Toyota-style management of the price of the parent should be a good looking little door. Not to scare anyone Yaris model, on the road, but at least the previous model of the fat boy had been cut. All Yarises staring eyes more street predator, and the top-of-the-line SE is equipped with a beacon darkened surroundings, alloy wheels, aggressive front bumper with fog lamps and rear fascia includes what Toyota calls the "speaker" . In response to that last bit, so you can count on the term is often transmitted by the reference market Yaris youth: LOL.
2012 Toyota Yaris
In 2012, the Yaris, however, a few innovative design point of view, either to Toyota or sub-compact in general, filled as it eensy car market is booming with drawings of Fiat, Mini, Ford, Chevrolet , Hyundai, and even the division of Toyota Scion own.

It's still a turd of an engine, but adds Real Sporting

There is nothing new under the hood, either. For 2012, the Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio in 2012 brings a bit expensive but the proven technology of direct injection and gearbox six-speed manual for the class to help make 40 miles per gallon the magic number for the new sub- compact Yaris, but flying is bored of last year 106 - hp, 1.5-liter four-cylinder in 2012 with some changes. Said engine was no pot of excitement in the latest generation of the Yaris, and it is not better with a new body wrapped around him. Transmission choices remain a five-speed manual transmission and a four-speed automatic. Even Toyota has managed to push the fuel economy and a new strand predicts the Yaris will face its EPA estimates of 29 mpg city and 36 highway with the manual and 29/35 with the automatic 30/35 to 30/38 and, respectively.

2012 Toyota Yaris
It should be noted that the sensation of driving over top of sweet L SE and LE. With its steering ratio slightly faster, alloy wheels of 16 inches (one inch larger than L and the steel wheels), sluggish 195/50 tires (V rated!), And a SE has a sport suspension control of the body much sharper turn-in and better. The throttle response is sharper, too, and upgraded brakes (discs on all four corners from front disc, rear drum setup on other trim levels) has teeth. The compromise comes in the form of a journey, but not only through hard and bumpy, with modest to high insulation, too. Interestingly, there is a huge compromise in the turning radius. The widest range of tires "of the motion has been cut, resulting in a lower 2.3 turns lock to lock (against 3.0 in the L and the rack), but a huge 36.7 foot turning diameter or six feet higher than the other Yaris and more than six inches wider than the Toyota Camry.

Ho-hum cabin

The greatest compliment we can pay for the Yaris interior is that there is more crime. Gone are the ugly dashboard design model with its latest terrible center mounted gauges and buttons stacked vertically CVC said that the Yaris is narrow. For 2012, the instruments (including silver trimmed feet to the SE) is moved to the driver, where they belong, thank you and audio system are located in a large double-DIN size housing that appears ready for an upgrade navigation system, and not such option is available. The front "sport" buckets on SE side forces get more aggressive, while the lumbar support is missing in all places Yaris. The rear seats, but flat cushions may be, to have good room for positioning and comfortable theater-style views come.

2012 Toyota Yaris
Like the design, materials inside the Yaris have been improved. Asymmetric dashboard is adorned with large areas of light gray trim is made of soft material in LE and SE trim. (The only soft any base models come with cloth seats, which is actually pretty good.)

The L $ 14,875 comes standard with air conditioning, CD player, iPod and USB, central locking, a cleaner back to one of the arms, and a host of safety features like stability control, whiplash reducing seats, nine airbags (including knee airbag for driver and front-seat anti-submarine airbags). The LE makes life more livable, with the addition of windows and mirrors, HD radio, Bluetooth connectivity, a split folding rear disc, audio controls on steering wheel, and pieces of metal chrome finish, all for $ 16 385 three-door or $ 16,860 with five. Finally, the five-door only, $ 17 160 SE adds standard cruise control and sports seats and faces the class above money. The automatic is a $ 800 upgrade.

Time informal comparison

Because many buyers of the tunnel vision of the brand Toyota, 2012  Toyota Yaris are likely to sell at least as well as the outgoing model. But, unfortunately, Yaris is sold in a vacuum, so we brought one of his most recent competition, the 2012 Hyundai Accent three-door Toyota, we run an informal side-by-side comparison. In addition to Hyundai and its slick exterior styling, refined interiors, a huge cargo hold, the transmission power more effectively and efficiently, and at the same price, this author knows the Yaris remains.

2012 Toyota Yaris
The number of new models in this segment is crying out for a more complete comparison, including entries and fresh the next Kia Rio and Chevrolet Sonic. Although the findings do not believe in what we experienced before, we can not expect a podium for the Toyota Yaris. It is, after all, just a car.
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