2012 Ford Ranger Review

The 2012 Ford Ranger - the latest in a wave of global vehicles - made its world debut at the International Motor Show Australia 2010. The all-new Ranger has a powerful presence and promises to give truck owners more power, the ability and experience in the truck back from the property.

2012 ford ranger

The impressive gains in power and safety of exceptional towing capacity, the next generation Ford Ranger emerges as a clear leader in the segment. Not only is based on the legacy of extraordinary ability ranger truck, but it also offers driving truck owners spacious, comfortable, DVD and Blu-interior and sophisticated, they expect to find in one car.

Among the most high-tech in its segment, the Ford Ranger is the impressive result of a new global platform of compact pickup trucks from Ford - the last to appear under the initiative of One Company Ford - and Mazda. It replaces two of the previous generation of platforms for compact trucks currently in production to present a new face to its reinforced construction to customers around the world of Ford.

Built on innovation, is a list of technologies and features that lead to the segment - including a new rear-view camera, Rear Park Assist, Trailer Sway Control and Load Adaptive Control. Ford plans to reveal new Ranger technologies in the coming months.

2012 ford ranger

To be sold on five continents and more than 180 markets, Ford Ranger will be offered as a complete family of compact trucks - with three different cab body styles, transmissions 4x2 and 4x4, two ride heights and up to five choice sets , depending on the market.

Strong, tough, sophisticated and quiet of all, Ford Australia, designed, and the new Ranger is the first of each generation.

And an optional six-speed automatic, 470nm of torque and 3.35 tonne braked towing capacity for the 3.2 liter diesel tested here, may have been two generations of the Hilux (though his last update).

The overall efficiency was strongly emphasized during development, particularly through the quest for better fuel economy. Engineers changed the fuel pump and better aerodynamics of re-sculpture the front fenders and modify the profile of the front side skirts to reduce pressure build up in the truck. It is always important notes towing and payload are not out yet, but Ford says the new Ranger can carry up to 3300 pounds with its high-spec models. Mass ahead and Gross Combined Weight Rating tells the true story of the performance of the truck.

2012 ford ranger

For nearly 20 years, the Ford Ranger was one of the most popular Ford vans across the globe. He gave millions of buyers with capacities of Ford Tough trucks - carrying heavy loads, pull trailers and rough roads to absorb punishment. The all-new Ford Ranger now has an even greater capacity, but has been transformed into a tight, toned shape and exudes modern muscle strength and toughness.

When all the new suspension frame, front and rear steering system, Ranger offers more payload and outstanding towing capacity. And 'powered by a choice of three new, fuel, energy sources, including two high-Ford Duratorq TDCi common-rail diesel engine and new six-speed fuel economy. Add more chassis and safety technologies, and the history of the Ford Ranger pickup leadership becomes as vivid as the strong, strong attitude.

Ranger has the flexibility to handle any task at home or at work.

Wide doors, padded seats and an attractive tactile surfaces - such as door "cold feel 'handles, an attractive place for fabrics, padded door goes to painting.

And front and rear, which is comprehensive. The B-pillar has been achieved in the double cabin create large openings in the rear doors and rear window larger. The doors open "square" of almost 90 degrees, to enter and exit more easily.

And the rear, there is plenty of space for Lenny, DAG and Gino (say the 6'2 "is a knee guinea pigs and tested to verify), and a large amount of space for a young family.

The new Ford Ranger creates a bold and determined the presence of a fresh, contemporary design issues outside the famous character built Ford Tough. The designers seem to play 21st Century Tough ".

Tense muscles, toned and fearless attitude, confident instantly signal strength and the ability of an ultra-modern truck. However, it also communicates a transformation, a more sophisticated and refined style that appeals to a new generation of truck owners.

According to Metro, the Ford Ranger seems very difficult, but not more chiselled style of Ford's large North American F-Series trucks. The contemporary design is equally at home in the city streets outside trendy restaurants in Cologne or Melbourne Outback or value of real estate development site.

Reflecting the different uses of compact pickups in the world, the range all-new Ford Ranger product offers everything from basic work trucks with the outlet pipe inside high series models like the Ford Ranger Limited and Ranger Wild Trak, two steps yet been revealed.

The best of Ford design language has been introduced in interior design. Loan Tips for ergonomic power tools like DEWALT � 1, and the protective shell that holds tools such as the G-Shock � 2 watch, designers are inspired blend of form and function, while ensuring the instruments are clearly visible to the driver.

2012 ford ranger

Interior trim panels are designed to be easily replaced. A single basic instrument panel is mounted off-line and simply installed in the vehicle. While cutting styles vary, all parts are designed to be interchangeable.

The same level of detail that makes Ranger stand out in a crowd, will put out its competitors with a brand new chassis that offers even greater capability with car like comfort, reduced steering effort, handling more accurate and stable on the road.

Off-road performance has been improved with a ground clearance of more rigid chassis, up to 232 mm and transmission components that have been strategically placed above the frame rail and out of harm's way.

2012 ford ranger

Despite the increased wheelbase 3220 mm - and a wider track for the 1560 model 4x4 mm and 4x2 model 1590 mm in front and back - turning radius provide new Ranger to handle on a beach parking and narrow streets of the city. Its system of rack and pinion steering has been carefully designed to provide robust performance while providing a more precise steering.

The front suspension completely whole again. A new coil-over suspension leg allows better optimization of the upper and lower wishbone design. The suspension set up, while the same for two and four-wheel drive models have unique capabilities and was awarded with specific damping valves and spring rates on all models to compensate for the weight, center of gravity, the torque distribution and training.

In the rear, a completely new suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable, with a cabinet suspension leaf design on the back that has been carefully adjusted for a variety of driving conditions while providing the ability to exceptional burden.

The rear suspension also offers Ford Ranger with a tower firmly set for high-speed driving on dirt roads, common in South America, with a reduced grip and less vehicle 'skate' in wavy or irregular surfaces.

Taking into account the clients in the areas of the world where monsoons cause frequent flooding, Ranger main electrical components and air vents are strategically placed on top of the engine compartment. This has contributed to an impressive water fording capability.

Offering the biggest brakes in class, the power to stop the Ranger is excellent.

All Ford Ranger models are equipped with large front rotors measuring 302 by 32 mm and dual piston calipers. Brake caliper has a pair of phenolic pistons, which reduces weight and improves thermal performance.

Two-wheel drive with a drum of 270-55-millimeters at the rear while the vehicle Hi-Rider and 4x4 rear drum uses a 295 to 55 mm.

The braking system has been exposed to extreme environmental conditions and customer needs driving - at least 30 degrees Celsius in Sweden, in the intense heat in Death Valley in California, the traffic congestion in the city, German motorways and roads in the unforgiving Australian outback.

It's not often that engineers and designers have the opportunity to build a new pickup truck from scratch, and the new Ford Ranger is an indication of how he took a chance.

2012 ford ranger

When the Ford Ranger will start production in 2011, has set new benchmarks in many categories, such as stand-out design, road ways, which are smooth and refined, the platform, which is capable off-road sources and power , which are the fuel, clean and live in a world built on Ford's promise difficult.

The new Ranger will be built around the world in volume of production adapted to the three regional, particularly in high growth areas.

2012 ford ranger

2012 ford ranger

Gradual acceleration is expected to begin next summer (northern hemisphere) in Rayong, Thailand, the Asia-Pacific region. Ford is transforming plants in Argentina and South Africa, the additional capacity to serve any other key regions such as the progress of every launch. The new production strategy for a global platform Compact Car opens new levels of EU products, the Ford Ranger around the world.

Although not scheduled for introduction in the United States or Canada, the all-new Ford Ranger will eventually be marketed in 180 countries, making it one of the farthest reach of Ford products. This reflects the importance of compact pickups for consumers in many parts of the world and the importance of the Ranger in Ford's global product portfolio.

Ranger also symbolizes how Ford is the optimization of global product resources more efficiently. Its product development team based in Melbourne, Australia. The full range of facilities for product development at Ford Broadmeadows complex based in Melbourne and close to proving ground facilities in Geelong became an ideal base for the world of Ford Ranger team.

2012 ford ranger
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