2011 Renault Laguna Review

The 2011 Renault Laguna is more assertive style before - which lights "lid" features with black masks, default, and additional chrome trim for the new pearlescent black grille - give the model a more dynamic position clear. This also comes across as nervous and playful, and points to the promise of driving pleasure even greater.

New Renault Laguna residents will benefit from new upholstery mixedmaterial sports.

2011 Renault Laguna

The materials were selected for the cab, paid careful attention to detail (visible seams on the hood, chrome vent surrounds) and the colors that were chosen for the interior finish that contribute to reinforce the impression of quality.

Width, dash printed blacks seems to be completely separate from the console, which contributes to the new Renault Laguna range of high-end appeal.

Radio and navigation screens are fully integrated, while the controls and displays are designed and located to be as friendly and reassuring as possible.

2011 Renault Laguna

New Laguna has been designed to provide real driving pleasure. Its dynamic reference to benefit from an impressive effective chassis is powered by a selection of all capable, fuel-efficient engines.

These versions of the new Renault Laguna 4CONTROL frame and four-wheel steering boast exceptional performance on the road even greater joy, security and efficiency. Now, the dCi 130, dCi 150 and dCi 175 (with automatic transmission), the central area of ??the engine, this innovation Renault is now available in more motorists to enjoy.

As well as allowing you to buy, New Renault Laguna has been designed to ensure low operating costs. In fact, l ', routine maintenance and repair of the model number of the lowest in the segment, thanks notably dCi 110 hp (81kW) and dCi 150 hp (110 kW) engines.

 2011 Renault Laguna

New Renault Laguna is now greener than ever, with an average consumption of 0.5 l/100 km in the gain range of the entire

The suspension provides a comfortable ride thanks to the control of vertical movement. The combination of pressure shock absorbers front and rear shock absorber pipe possible obstacles to be soaked in a moderate constant speed.

When cornering, the ride comfort is assured by limiting the run, while the seats are firmer, with a level of lateral support that allows residents to enjoy the capacity of the vehicle on the road performance.

New Renault Laguna benefits from Renault expertise in active and passive safety. In addition to the outstanding chassis dynamics, providing the model for higher braking performance in its class, especially after repeated stops (braking distance of just under 40 feet - with 16-inch wheels - after braking to 10 times in rapid succession to stop 100kph).

 2011 Renault Laguna

Brakes are large ventilated discs in front of a diameter of 280 and 296 mm in diameter and 300 mm rear discs. The control unit / hydraulic unit includes a detailed electronic-triggered Brake Assist, which does not affect the mechanical variations.

Quality of the platform, combined with an accurate model and self-adaptive digital vehicle dynamics, allows for more accurate prediction of emergency situations. ABS and ESC are standard, and more efficient through the brakes remove the priming pulse.

2011 Renault Laguna

Meanwhile, available bi-xenon headlights turn into corners as a function of vehicle speed and steering angle. This technology provides up to 90 percent more light in the corners compared to halogen.

2011 Renault Laguna

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