2010 Maybach Zeppelin Review

The Maybach brand brings new Maybach Zeppelin to spearhead its luxury saloon model. The new model, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, represents the absolute peak in the luxury sedan segment of high end. This makes it a worthy successor to the legendary Maybach Zeppelin, which was revered worldwide as the ultimate in high-class automotive engineering in the 1930s. The characteristic feature of way the new Maybach flagship of style include a stunning paint finish, with a shoulderline in a contrasting color and the exquisite, meticulously crafted materials in the interior, whose long list of optional equipment includes a World first - a highly sophisticated perfume atomiser. The performance of the new model outperforms even the rest of the Maybach range, making it the most powerful Maybach ever.

In a nutshell: the Maybach Zeppelin is the epitome of chic elegance and the art of vehicle manufacture at its most refined as no car has ever done before. The new Maybach Zeppelin is being built in a limited edition of only 100 worldwide.

Even today, the name "Zeppelin" has an incomparable ring in the field of luxury cars. As in an earlier era, Maybach, once again building the Maybach Zeppelin for drivers who want something special, even in the most luxurious of automotive segments. Not only do the Maybach 57 Zeppelin and Maybach 62 Zeppelin stand out for their exquisite elegance, innovative ideas and phenomenal performance, only a hundred of these special model versions of the premium luxury sedan will be held throughout the world.

2010 Maybach Zeppelin

Maybach 57 S and the long version of the Maybach 62 S, is the technical basis for a new flagship model. Superior performance is assured in both cases, the 6.0 liter V12 biturbo engine under the hood, 471 kW/640 hp now with (+ 28 hp) and maximum torque of 1000 Nm.


Whatever angle it is viewed from the new Maybach Zeppelin radiates character and the kind of style that appeals to all senses. From the outside, the luxury brand's new high-end model can be recognized by its two-tone finish special paint. The shoulderline is painted throughout the background projectors Rocky light brown, forming a stylish and scintillating contrast to the Taiga black finish used for the rest of the car body. Dark red tail light units and a fine vertical partition in the tailpipe add striking visual stamp on the back. Naturally, customers may also specify their Maybach Zeppelin in any other paint finish they wish.

2010 Maybach Zeppelin

The Maybach Zeppelin's newly designed 20-inch wheels in shadow chrome finish complete the picture. This is the first black painted with a layer before having a silver finish applied by a process of painting makes the tone to gradually increase in darkness from the outside in.

The streamlined exterior mirrors, which produce wind noise, much less is new Maybach. They have a more angular design and are separated from the door frame by a slender arm, giving them a more expressive. They also feature an enlarged mirror surface indicators player in the form of a horizontal "V" for the safety of the perception even more.

The curve of "Zeppelin" lettering that appears below the double feature "M" emblem on the grille and boot lid instantly gives away the elite status of the new Maybach Zeppelin.
The check Maybach, Maybach Zeppelin dumbbell nouvelle haul fer are de luxe Berlin model. Le nouveau mod�le, will premiere qui au Salon Automobile de Gen�ve, representing Le Sommet des absolute dans le sedan segment haute luxe finish. Cela fait a worthy successeur in the Maybach Zeppelin l�gendaire, qui �tait dans le monde entier venerated him comme epitome of haute classe dans les ann�es automobile ing�nierie 1930. Le sens unique trait caract�ristiques of our new Maybach Fleuron of linking peinture style of finition inclure superbe, avec une couleur shoulderline dans une et l'exquis contrast, des Mat�riaux � l'int�rieur m�ticuleusement concurrent, dont la longue liste des �quipements optionnels joins underst mondiale premiere - a sophistiqu� hautement atomiseur de parfum. We performances m�me du nouveau mod�le surclasse you subtract the gamme Maybach ce qui rend the puissant jamais la plus.


Main component of the system is a plexiglass ball inside information on the rear center console, in which Maybach Zeppelin owners can insert a bottle of their favorite perfume. A regulator pump then directs a gentle flow of air into the Plexiglass sphere, fanning the vial of perfume molecules into the cabin.
The system is supplied with two select fragrances, which are exclusively developed for the Maybach by a perfumer recognized global specialist Givaudan: one light and refreshing, the other slightly heavier and Woodie.

Maybach Zeppelin owners can also use other fragrances, or even one developed and enjoy the luxury of diving of his own, personally designed aroma. Bouquet holders are easily interchangeable. Specification includes a total of three valuable vials, which are hand-blown glass by renowned artists.

2010 Maybach Zeppelin

The complex system of spraying perfume in silence is a patented Maybach innovation.

Maybach 57 Zeppelin costs � 406 000, the Maybach 62 Zeppelin has a price of 473 � 200 (German list price, including VAT). Scent the air flow, which is the only Zeppelin can be ordered by a supplement of � 3950 (German list price, including VAT).
The new Maybach Zeppelin is on sale March 3, 2009, with first models expected to be delivered to customers in September 2009.

Les clients sont en mesure de choisir �galement d�tail of �quipement a particulier here raffin� east exclusif a Maybach Zeppelin - one Concu imagination, de tr�s haute parfum de atomiseur quality, seul dans le monde de son genre. The Eclipse facilement pour tous les EFFORTS precedents production de quelque chose whatever in the en termes de son et son attrait visuel fonctionnement. Ses avanc�es et les parfums technologiques top of the range, here peuvent �tre choisis individuellement, cr�er une exp�rience de l'int�rieur a unique Aromatique Maybach Zeppelin � la pression of a bouton - stimuler les sens pas avec des occupants is not an irresistible parfum, corn avec a chiffon doux, parfum gently.

2010 Maybach Zeppelin
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