Daihatsu Copen Review

Cute and timeless sports cars 2007 Daihatsu Copen has become much more desirable with incisors even more frugal new 1.3-liter engine, more gears to improve the sophistication and a sharp new 10 pay only � 995 on-the-road.

Daihatsu Copen

It is a full 2.500 pounds less than the original model introduced for model year '04, which quickly attracted an enthusiastic fan club seduced by its cute looks, timeless, effortless electric folding metal roof and maneuverability.

Originally designed for the Japanese Kei-car market alone, the British importer, Daihatsu Vehicle Distributors Limited, persuaded the plant re-engineering tiny 660 cc engine turbo gasoline to comply with EU approval.

Call now Copen was greatly expanded by installing the same 87 PS engine as the Sirion city car, which not only improves performance and economy, but allows more gear for more relaxed cruising.

Visually, the only difference between the pure form of a simple previous Daihatsu Copen is a small rear spoiler boot and a range of new colors.

Copenhagen new 1.3-liter gasoline engine with a fully converted to appeal a small car, at the same time fuel economy and lower emissions - Daihatsu specialties.

Daihatsu Copen

For example, the car sports magazine now has a top speed of 112 mph (up to 6 miles per hour), 0-62 h in just 9.5 seconds and 11.7 seconds instead of a stronger, more sensitive to gas in the region at all speeds.

A significant fuel economy is outstanding at 36.7 Urban, 56.5 mpg and 47.1 mpg on highway combined cycle (was 35.8/50.4 and 44.1 mpg). At the same time, reduction of CO2 emissions 151 g / km to 140 g / km.

And for the 19 hp power increase and 14.5 lb-ft of torque increase, the team was raised to the fourth, for example, is the same as the previous one fifth to 15.9 mph / 1000 rpm and the new fifth pulling 19.4 mph / 1,000 rpm. This improves refinement and fuel economy.

The same engine is very developed, and is basically the same device is installed Daihatsu Sirion supermini.

The new Sirion 1.3 liters in 2005 the first self-reforming catalyst. This innovation is also a new division in Copen.

It effectively extends the life of the catalyst, which reduces maintenance costs and is better for the environment as it keeps "healthier" the catalyst of a high sense of mileage already low 140 g / km increases not when the engine gets older.

This revolutionary technology works by providing a capacity for self-regeneration of the precious metal particles, which normally degrades.

Using nanotechnology, the intelligent catalyst containing metal ions of palladium, the most heat-sensitive metals used in catalytic converters.

Depending on temperature and available oxygen, the particles turn in and out of a crystalline state therefore regenerating and prolonging the cat's ability to clean exhaust gases.

Daihatsu Copen

Daihatsu Copen for disarmament cute looks perfectly express its fun image with a rounded design, teardrop, oval and facing minimal overhangs and taillights.

The cabin is very interesting and intimate without being restricted. In fact, while complying with the official Japanese mini-car (Kei-Car), Copenhagen is full of inside width and space for more than six feet in height.

The biggest Copen Daihatsu 'party piece', of course, is an electric folding hard-top - a bit like that of a Mercedes SLK - offering excellent security and weather protection.

Daihatsu Copen

All drivers have to do is unlock two windscreen and taken to press a button on the center console. The lightweight aluminum roof that folds into the boot under 20 seconds.

Everyone expects Daihatsu Copen is a style statement superficial will be a surprise. The power steering is very direct and informative and the handling agile and maneuverable.

Firmness buffered minimal roll and a low center of gravity, the Copen is particularly low polar moment of inertia. This means that most of the weight between the front and rear wheels to avoid the pendulum effect of large overhangs.

Safety is a high priority to the Daihatsu Copen which - despite its small size - has all the latest efforts to save lives and reduce injuries.

Dual front airbags are also standard, as are the two side beams in the doors and large floor bracing. The floor panel is three advantages of steel of different thicknesses for progressive, energy-absorbing deformation.

In fact, not only the thresholds, but also strengthened the front spar and front subframe. To improve body rigidity, is a growing ferry links the pillars of the center left and right behind the front seats. In addition, Twin roll bars are mounted on top of the cross-members for additional protection in rollover accidents.

Daihatsu Copen

Finally, Daihatsu is much admired the impact detection system works as an emergency alarm system to automatically lock the doors after an accident, the hazard lights activation and shut off the fuel supply.
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