2012 MINI Coupe

And then there were five. The next exciting chapter to continue the success story of MINI has begun to launch a brand new MINI Convertible a unique model in fifth place in the family.

Sale alongside the door MINI Convertible, Clubman and Countryman, the 2012 MINI Coupe is the first British-built two-seater sports car in the UK long and proud history of the brand. This is a modern reworking of the concept of authentic performance car classic Mini Mix with the heady go-attitude and places convenient for a new type of clients.

2012 MINI Coupe
The mission of the MINI Coupe is simple: to maximize the pleasure of being behind the wheel. The drivers concerned will be rewarded with a level of handling agility unparalleled in the small car segment. Every aspect of the MINI Convertible - the choice of engine and chassis configuration weight distribution and aerodynamics - is focused on delivering dynamic performance. To test this, the MINI John Cooper Works has the Coup� faster acceleration and top speed of any MINI volume produced to date.

Four strong MINI range will be sold through the dealer MINI October 1, 2011, and the MINI Convertible, guests can expect an exceptionally high level of equipment including: DAB digital radio, air conditioning, parking sensors, alloy wheels, 3 spoke Sports leather steering wheel and sport stripes on the body. Wide range of accessories and customization options are available.

2012 MINI Coupe
The key to the call MINI Coupe exterior design is incredible, unlike anything else in the sport-compact segment. Immediately recognizable as part of the MINI family, it is a genuine and attractive reinterpretation of conventional indices of the MINI design that have become so familiar on British roads in the last decade. The language of car design - the intelligent combination of sporting sculpted surfaces, smooth curves and parallel lines - to design the brand in a new direction with an emphasis on fresh and clear sports brand DNA.

MINI Convertible is also a new vehicle. It 'the first of the modern MINI to accept the traditional "three box" body structure, splitting the car in several segments - the engine compartment, cabin and boot. Although the overall length and width are almost identical to the MINI Hatch, Coupe total height is 29 mm lower. Visually, this, and went aft to give the car aggressive, forward thrust profile. A lower roof line should not be at the expense of the driver and passenger comfort, however. Oval depressions in the roof to give more headroom, fully describes the Mini ethos, 'No compromise'.

The design team led by chief designer Anders Warming MINI Coupe gave a distinctive look from every angle. The most striking view is probably the profile with a horizontal stratification of the car at three different levels - the body, the glass envelope and roof "design center" the striking The pillars and the windshield. are strongly inclined 13 � to the MINI hatch, resulting in a smaller frontal area which gives the MINI Coupe with excellent aerodynamic properties.

The airflow is also optimized for an integrated rear spoiler on the roof, and through a single active bootlid spoiler hosted. And 'activated automatically when the car reaches 50 mph - 37 mph, and down again - but it can be operated using the button on the control panel. Mini Coupe is the first in the history of an active rear spoiler reduces lift on the rear axle to improve aerodynamic balance and grip.

2012 MINI Coupe
MINI enthusiasts will immediately recognize the interior of the Coup�. The beloved big central circular Speedo, control system and many other features MINI are all present in the cabin for two people.

Behind it there is ample luggage space of 280 liters - 20 liters larger than the MINI Clubman - with easy access to the driver or the passenger cabin and the outside through the boot. The tailgate opening makes it easy to load large and the car offers excellent loading possibilities to adapt to a wide range of needs. Whether the daily routine, weekend fun and pleasure trips to visit for two more adventurous, the MINI Coupe is the ideal transport.

Engines tested

Power MINI Convertible is the latest generation of the BMW Group, four-cylinder petrol and diesel. Outputs range from 122 kW hp/90 MINI Cooper Convertible 211 hp / 155 kW, a very desirable flagship of the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible. The recent creation of high performance diesel engine, 143 hp/105 kW, Cooper, SD, is also available and is ready for mounting on a Cooper S, which offers 184 hp / 135kW.

Fuel economy on the combined cycle lengths of 39 mpg in the 0.8 MINI John Cooper Works to cut a frugal 65.7mpg on the model of Cooper SD, while CO2 emissions are as low as 114g/km only in SD Cooper. Even the MINI John Cooper Works emits only 165g/km Coup�. The full technical specification of each model follows.

2012 MINI Coupe
Likely to be popular with many potential clients MINI Cooper Coupe is the SD variant, which offers better fuel economy, torque lower emissions increased production of any MINI. In addition, it will sprint to 62 mph in under eight seconds and lead to a top speed of 134 mph. With a value of only 13% BIK, and zero road tax in the first year, you switch drivers and fleet managers also see its obvious appeal. No official figures are yet available, but the 2012 MINI Coupe should be class-leading residual values.

Exceptional dynamics and MINI record speed

MINI Coupe, the engine power is converted into pure driving pleasure more direct and more complete than ever. This car is the clearest illustration yet of the DNA of the legendary MINI sports car is converted to a new peak. MINI Coupe offers a completely new interpretation of what a candidate in the category of compact sports cars should offer the driver.

MINI Convertible takes the legendary go-kart handling of each of the new Mini, a new record. That each of the four model variants to bring the name of Cooper, his name reflects the belief in the performance of the car MINI new proxies. Traditionally, this sign is a sign of a great sporting ability, and a nod to the brand for a long-term cooperation with the legendary Formula One designer John Cooper.

A level of quality unmatched in the small car segment management table gives the new MINI style you expect from the brand. Designed to be the ultimate expression of go-kart handling, the car's suspension system provides a fun driving experience agile and strong.

With a multi-link rear axle and suspension MacPherson strut front, ensures the high quality of engineering of the chassis, steering and braking safe control of the car all the time even when pushed hard in dynamic situations. Compared to the Hatch Cup Mini is also equipped with springs and dampers optimized and a revised rear anti-roll bar to further improve its sporting pedigree.

Work to increase overall chassis rigidity has been a slight advance in the weight distribution of the MINI Coupe from the MINI Hatch. This has great advantages for vehicle dynamics, because the slight increase of the front axle increases traction and helps ensure the power is easily translated into accelerating sports.

2012 MINI Coupe
Low center of gravity, long wheelbase and track measures 2467 mm front and rear 1,459 mm and 1467 mm respectively, have contributed to the sure-footed handling. DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is standard across the range MINI Convertible and makes an important contribution to security and agile. In extreme driving situations and on slippery surfaces, the system may selectively braking individual wheels and reducing engine block in the front or back of slide in the earliest stage possible. The system includes an integral ABS, EBD (electronic brake distributor), CBC (Cornering Brake Control), Brake Assist and Hill Start Assist. DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) and the EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock Control) is standard on the list of options, but the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible.

The optional sport suspension that is firmer dampers and comes with upgraded anti-roll bars front and rear. For more experienced "hard core" racing MINI includes a range of accessories Coupe John Cooper Works suspension, with a fall of 10 mm ride height, ultra-fast absorption and further improved anti-roll bars.

One of the biggest attractions of owning a new MINI Coupe is its linear velocity. In the case of the MINI John Cooper Works sports car is a record performance MINI. With a 0-62 mph sprint time of 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 149 miles per hour, it is the fastest MINI volume produced to date on these two points.

MINIMALISM environmental technology as the standard

All versions of the MINI Coupe comes with the technology of the brand MINIMALISM critically acclaimed environmental standard, providing exceptional efficiency of the powertrain. Features such as Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start / Stop Shift point display, electric power steering and the need for an operation based on the auxiliary components help make efficient use of fuel with low emissions. Additional features include thermal encapsulating innovative powertrain, which reduces fuel undermining the warm-up after a cold start. All these results in the MINI is the cleanest cut on the market today.

The six-speed manual transmission as standard sets a new benchmark in the travel segment with its change in the short and precise actions. A weight of ready-to-disk 44.8 kg making it the lightest of the gearbox of this type. Relations warranty carefully consider the unprecedented agility midrange acceleration. In addition, the MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works and SD Cooper Coupe models all come with innovative self-adjusting clutch. Automatic adjustment ensures that the pedal feel is expected of a MINI is there to be enjoyed over the life of the car.

For drivers who prefer the simplicity offered by an automatic transmission, a gearbox six-speed Steptronic Function, available with paddle shifters can be ordered as an option for the coupe MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S Coupe and Coupe MINI Cooper SD .

MINI Cooper Coupe comes with alloy wheels 15-inch standard with a 16-inch version equipped Coupe MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper Coupe SD. MINI John Cooper Works Coup� is set to 17-inch wheels with weight-optimized, cross spoke alloy CHALLENGE JCW style.

Advanced Technology

MINI Coupe is a compelling driving experience is helped by driving the electric car (EPS). This electro-mechanical system is particularly effective to soak up the vibration of management and other vibrations.

It has a speed-sensitive help, reducing the effort required by the driver when parking, and other movements. It will reduce the number of higher speeds to improve road safety, to feel and directional stability.

A Sport button on the center console is standard on all models MINI Coupe, pressing the Sport button changes the throttle response to provide sharper, sport and reactions is designed to support a more performance driving spirit This requires a more, but provides a more sensitive touch.

Specific model of the MINI Coupe braking system offers deceleration strong and durable under pressure, even the most difficult to pedal. The brake ventilated front discs have a diameter of 280 mm in the MINI Cooper Coupe Coupe 294 mm in the MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper SD Coupe, and 316 mm in the MINI John Cooper Works Coup�.

Technical Specifications

All engines Coupe MINI four-cylinder petrol come with the technology of BMW Valvetronic - a fully variable valve control, which adjusts the valve lift and opening times in direct proportion to the control of the driver on the gas pedal, providing more torque and better fuel consumption.
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