Lotus Eterne Review

Eterne Enter the four-door sedan from Lotus Super. If Elite is elegance personified as Lotus Eterne is elegance redefined.
Eternal Lotus is a true four-door, four seater sports GT. And 'the ultimate expression of style, sophistication and grace. But wait. Slim, stylish sports cars? Not little.
Sports cars, by definition, can not be pretty. Powerful, exciting, aggressive, yes, but not pretty. But here is the ultimate paradox - Eternal. L ', the power and grace, elegance, performance and beauty and power in one big package.

Lotus Eterne
Lotus Eterne

With a pressure of 5.0-liter V8 engine delivers charge to 620 hp Lotus Eterne seeks best in class and efficiency.
In line with the rest of the new line, the eternal benefits of hybrid technology Lotus.

Lotus Eterne
Lotus Eterne

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus, said. "It's nice to see Eterne, and as with the rest of the region, but it also offers all other aspects similar to Elite and is a perfect car opposite, it is compact yet spacious, high-performance yet low emissions from light but reassuring sound. "

Lotus Eterne
Lotus Eterne

"We truly believe there is a market for Lotus Eterne, there is nothing else that, as there both in terms of design, capacity and performance. The biggest difference between Lotus and competitors Eterne class it is that it is not an evolution of an existing two-door, it is a conscious creation and considered unique. This is the ultimate four-door sports car. "

Lotus Eterne
Lotus Eterne

Sometimes there are no rules to be broken, so it's time to set them in place.

Lotus Eterne Specification

Interior: 4 seats, by, mid-engined and rear-wheel drive is optional

Engine: Gasoline, hybrid option

Hybrid: hybrid transmission and electric motors integrated KERS

Cylinders: V8

Capacity: 5.0 liters

Power / torque: 620 hp / 720 Nm

Rev Limit: 8500 rpm

0-100 km / h: 4.0 seconds

Maximum speed: 315 kmh

Ca CO2 (g CO2/km): 220 g / km (using the hybrid option)

Weight: 1.800 kg

Seating: 4

Lotus Eterne
Lotus Eterne

Transmission: full hybrid transmission

Drive: Rear-wheel drive, optional all-wheel drive

Start of production: early 2015

Enters the market: Spring 2015

Price indication: Circa � 120,000
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