Aston Martin Cygnet 2012 Review

The Aston Martin Cygnet is a city car that sets a new standard for compact luxury for nearly a century of experience in building high performance sports cars, luxury long-range big hikers, and machines very competitive race.

Aston Martin Cygnet 2012

Cygnet demonstrates Aston Martin's commitment to innovation and integrity. "It is time to think differently. Aston Martin is honest and we do not compromise," said Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez.

"Whatever we do, we are doing. If we do the show, doing the performance, not reduce or compromise sports cars. Cygnet must meet the emissions, and space. This is a car without compromises, just like any other Aston Martin .

"Our customers need a small car for urban and city, and they want the right tools for the right job, to reduce the size without compromising the creative intelligence, artistic and personality."

Aston Martin Cygnet expresses a simple idea, but essential in the modern city on the scale corresponds to the speed and freedom. Only three feet long, the Cygnet gives the driver a new dimension of freedom, able to fit into gaps in traffic, use of parking spaces smaller, consume less fuel and emit fewer emissions, while providing a exceptional levels of quality and comfort.

Aston Martin Cygnet 2012

"Cygnet is a small but luxury, Aston Martin, tailor-friendly city," says Marek Reichman, design director of Aston Martin. After an almost unlimited palette of materials, colors and textures, each hand-finished Cygnet is truly unique, personal space within the city. "The luxury does not affect the scale."

Aston Martin Cygnet 2012

Cygnet is a product of a unique Aston Martin craft, technology and design. The future city has a very different landscape of luxury brand, like the social changes and legislation increases the gap between urban categories and anti-urban. With Cygnet, Aston Martin will be at the forefront of these changes, ensuring the corporate image of lasting mark will continue to thrive in new market conditions.
 Aston Martin Cygnet 2012
Dr. Ulrich Bez continues: "The Cygnet is designed to support our sports cars, giving a greater degree of freedom in the urban context, it is a very special car, a compact premium package but with heart, soul and personality. "
The Cygnet, a solution for the city will put Aston Martin in the future. "This car is really, Cygnet is the natural choice for those who want a premium, custom car commuter." 

Aston Martin Cygnet 2012

Cygnet become the eighth largest producer of cars Aston Martin has presented its state-of-the Art Factory in 2004, provides further evidence of the continued commitment of the British production company, supported by a dedicated workforce of local and network suppliers.

Aston Martin Cygnet 2012
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