2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler Review

When did you consider a road trip as an adventure? The Morgan 3 Wheeler is launched to bring the fun and passion for the return of personal transportation. Lift the safety catch "to release the bomb" starter, the massive twin-cylinder hearing the explosion and select your favorite destination.

Iconic design, Morgan Three Wheeler has been upgraded to the technology of 21 century. V-Twin powertrain, coupled with the Mazda 5-speed gearbox (and vice versa). This provides a smooth surface "to enter and convenience drive 'with the emotion of extreme performance. Car is a fusion of old and new.

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Security is vital, and reinforced tubular frame Twin roll driver and passenger. Belt tension on the set provides rugged rear wheel. Some things have not changed. Morgan Three Wheeler to keep a long distance speed records established a one-liter car in 1930, so why change the format? Pronounced like the bullet-shaped and are exposed to an aluminum frame and the pool with the flat side of the profile of the car. The format is a gentle but effective missile in the front door to the beetle back to the queue behind. From the design viewpoint, the focus was set to make the car as close as possible to the aircraft, keeping the space more comfortable for the driver, passenger and bag behind. But above all, three-wheeled Morgan is designed for one purpose only to make driving fun. Leather padded cabin air full instrumentation increases the feeling of flying on the road. The car is easy to handle, compact size offers a perfect view of the back and forth. The car seems to react more thought of as a physical input.

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler

The dynamic is reinforced by what Morgan calls a design team sports "Sunday's race" design philosophy. Lines of the car does not stop abruptly, but rather organic stream and echo the elegant designs of a racetrack. The sleek profile makes the car look sleeker and lower. The sculpted hood and boot improve the aerodynamic sense, and short overhangs front and rear emphasize the tenacity of sport.


Morgan, the beginning of the experts who worked for new driving experience, Morgan 3 wheeler with the same passion is the development of new Morgan. The result is a car with driver, which does not have full access to the sporty look. Motor weight is to balance the mass of passengers and the car seems to have been planted in a very low center of gravity, so that it stays glued to the road. During the development process, the beginning of a new team has worked closely with Morgan 3-wheel Morgan EvaGT future. The result is a solution that works and improvements in almost every detail that affects the car's cornering ability.

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler


During his first year of production, the new Morgan 3 wheeler available with a V-twin engine specialist in M ??& S. The car has been approved by the U.S. European road safety and transport and emissions. With an economy offers 115 hp maximum power at a minimum speed. Spells high torque hillclimbing effort. The current priority of the Morgan Motor Company to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is part of the justification for the launch of this car. Morgan is time to take a fresh look at the combination of road holding acceleration and economy. It's time to revive Morgan Wheeler 3.

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Custom Extras

Custom leather and lacquer is available at an additional cost that the classic Morgan. An engine polished exhaust tips stainless steel hood, polished hood, headlights and the tread is also additional cost options for a more classic look.

Exciting graphics packages to congratulate race Sports' Sunday "philosophy

High quality decals are available to give the owner the possibility of adding a new sporting attitude of the Morgan three-wheeler. These models also include the U.S. Army Air Force and the British, inspired by the logo, oval, the race numbers and stripes, the scary shark nose, the winner to check the bonnet, the official national flag and wings Morgan.

2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler
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