2012 Volkswagen Passat US Review

The new Volkswagen Passat. Bigger, more comfortable, more efficient and better than ever. The car technology and style of wine from Germany, while Volkswagen of America has provided the conceptual direction. The sedan will be built at new U.S. plant Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Even the basic version is powered by a powerful 125 kW / 170 hp five-cylinder petrol (extra large city driving with automatic transmission: 31 mpg). Other engine options: an extremely financially clean diesel (TDI) to 102 kW / 140 hp (43 mpg extra-urban) and a gasoline engine with six cylinders, the VR6 with 206 kW / 280 HP, which is paired with a manual transmission dual-clutch (DSG). The combination of DSG Volkswagen Passat VR6 and made a top-flight sport sedan (28 mpg extra-urban, 0-60 km / h in 6.5 s).

Features: All major functions are the norm

Although the new Passat offers a lot more space and comfort, Volkswagen has reduced the price several thousand dollars from the previous model. With its entry-level price, the Passat is now in the range $ 20 000. There is little other sedans of this size (just 191.7 inches or 4868 mm long), which offers such advanced technology and quality at a price.

Despite the familiar name of the new Passat is substantially different from its European counterpart. Each outer panel is new, with an eye to drawing on the style of the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Passat, but offers subtle changes to the window line, taillights, doors and bumpers and redesigned bootlid and front fenders. At 2803 mm, the VW Passat was extended wheelbase of 91 mm, while the total length increases to 4868 mm (an increase of 99 mm) and width increased by 13 mm for a total of 1833 mm from the European version

Volkswagen of America offers a model Passat in three versions: the S, SE and SEL. Even the basic version of the (S) is very well equipped. Tire Pressure Monitoring System, ESP, electronic stability control program, ABS assistant, Hill Climb Assist (with manual and DSG), six airbags and a very safe body structure an effective system of protection for passengers. Other features include electric windows all round, air conditioning, insulating glass, a distinctive timepiece analogue to the center of the dashboard, cruise control, outside temperature display with ice warning, radio-CD system (MP3 compatible, as well as an external audio input), and Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone system (voice commands).

How cleverly designed the VW Passat is illustrated by two characteristics. First: "Valet Parking". If the car is being driven by one third, pressing the button in the glove valet parking is all you need to ensure the safety and the same compartment. Then you can open with special valet key only accessible to the vehicle owner. In the second place. "Remote" In extreme weather conditions, the driver can start the engine (automatic transmission or DSG) on the remote (up to ten minutes of operation) for the climate control system is cold or heat inside the vehicle at a predetermined temperature before starting.

Styling: visual dominance of a large living room

It is the balanced proportion of the new Passat, which give it its very unique, timeless style and dominant. Only a few lines are sufficient to accurately define its shape. These lines of style that reflects excellence of "design DNA" of the new Volkswagen: clear forms, and a minimum of lines, with a predominance of horizontal body. Visually, this impressive style Volkswagen Passat launched until the middle of a class. The bottom line: This car looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Interior: Once again, the Passat is considered very expensive car

As mentioned previously, the new Volkswagen has a length of 191.7 inches (4868 mm). Its wheelbase is 110.4 inches (2803 mm) and width of 72.2 inches (1835 mm). Therefore, its size has increased in all three dimensions compared to the previous model, which has offered a spacious interior. As expected, the new car offers even more impressive interior space. The longer wheelbase translates into a significant increase in seats in the rear, in this respect, the majestic Volkswagen Passat protect his lead over main Asian competitors. Characteristic, without exception, Volkswagen, the car's controls are self-explanatory, each driver can drive the new VW Passat intuitively. During the last decade, Volkswagen has set its own rules completely new ergonomics standard that translates into high quality materials are used.

Volkswagen Passat in the U.S.: the potential to be a bestseller

Passat first found their way to America in 1987. Since then, more than 700,000 Passats have been sold in New York and Los Angeles. Plans are in place for the production of about one million Passats in the U.S. a new generation of the next seven years. The contrast between these two figures - 0700000 Passat in 23 years compared to 1.0 million Passat only seven years - a clear opinion on the new Passat has a key role in Volkswagen of America. The company wants to triple the annual total of all models in the United States approximately 800,000 units by 2018. Otherwise, so far, more than 15 million people have chosen the VW Passat, so that the series of Volkswagen is one of the very big successes in automotive history.
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