2012 Ford Ranger Review

The all-new Ford Ranger - the latest in a wave of global vehicles - made its debut in the world at the International Motor Show of Australia 2010. The new Ranger has a strong and promises to give truck owners might do more capacity and experience in truck turned the property.

The impressive gains of strength and security to the exceptional towing capacity, comes the next generation of Ford Ranger as a leader of the segment clear. It not only builds the capacity of the legacy of huge Ranger pickup trucks, but it also offers truck owners driving experience spacious, comfortable, feature-filled interior and sophisticated, they expect be alone in a car.

Among the latest technology in its segment, Ford Ranger is the impressive result of a new compact pickup trucks Ford global platform - the last one out under the initiative of the Ford Motor Company One - and Mazda. Replacing two of the previous generation of platforms, compact trucks in production today to present a new face of Ford customers worldwide build endurance.

Built on innovation, it has a list of technologies and capabilities to lead the segment - including a new rear view camera, Rear Park Assist, trailer sway control and adaptive control of the load. Ford plans to be even more new Ranger technologies in the coming months.

Sold in five continents and more than 180 markets, Ford Ranger is offered as a complete family of compact trucks - with three different cab styles 4x4 4x2 transmissions body and two body heights and up to five groups of choice, according the market.

"We know that the trucks that we rely on our best experts from around the world to create the new Ford Ranger," said Derrick Kuzak, Vice President of Global Product Development.

"Focusing our resources to a single global platform for new compact pickup truck meant that we could make significant improvements, technology and features that owners want to have, along with an impressive fuel economy, which alone would be a reason to buy. "

The new Ford Ranger reflects the idea of ??a compact pickup buyers around the world, and they want evolving.

"Pick-up compact is extremely important for customers in many parts of the world," said Jim Farley, group vice president, marketing, sales and service. "For many it is the only vehicle in a household headed by a person others depend on these people work hard they need a truck that can do the job -. And be amazed at the Ford Ranger is smart new technologies facilitate the work. It is , its objective is also the type of features, technology, space and sophistication you would expect in a car, and the Ranger is so innovative. "

Any new model is based on a strong legacy

For nearly 20 years, Ford Ranger was one of the most popular Ford trucks worldwide. It has provided millions of buyers capable of Ford Tough trucks - carrying heavy loads, pull trailers and absorb the punishment of rough roads. The new Ford Ranger is now even more capacity, but has become a force stretched, toned and muscular, exuding a contemporary form and tenacity.

With the suspension of a new chassis, front and rear steering system, Ranger offers an exceptional ability to a higher payload and towing. It is powered by a choice of three new propulsion systems for low power consumption, two of them the state of the art common-rail Duratorq TDCi Ford diesel fuel and new six-speed transmissions. Add more chassis and safety technologies, and the history of Ford pickup address Rangers becomes so real and powerful attitude, proactive.

Ranger is flexible for any type of contract at home or at work.

Its transformation is perhaps the strongest in the new interior, offering new levels of space to the compact truck ownership experience. The new Ford Ranger offers a comfortable ride and quiet, with a level of features and technologies that are second to nothing.

The pride of a new area of ??the model Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab was presented in Sydney in Aurora Blue glossy, presents a bold new fuel 2.2-liter Ford Duratorq TDCi 110 kW (150 hp) diesel engine with well 375 Nm of torque available.

"This is a new Ford Ranger, we reveal the modern world is a convincing proof of what we can to harness the power of One Ford," said Gary Boes, the director of track vehicle platform Ford compact trucks.

"The new Ranger responds that pickup truck owners around the world want in a vehicle, and was designed and built by a team with unparalleled expertise truck. It is currently being tested in difficult environments in the most demanding test five continents to prove his credentials to world class. Ford Ranger truck owners friendly and get their day to day terms, "said Boe.

21st century without concession "style inside and out

The new Ford Ranger will create a bold and determined the presence of which has a fresh design and modern exterior gives off a famous Built Ford Tough. Designers seem to call the 21st Century Tough. "

Taut and muscular tone and a bold attitude, confident instantly signal strength and the ability of an ultra-modern station wagon. However, it also communicates a transformation, a more sophisticated and refined using a new generation of truck owners.

"In many parts of the world, the role of the Ford Ranger has changed," said Craig Metros, chief designer. "He still has to be a work vehicle with an interior sound and the ability to carry a heavy load, but also serves a dual role with consumers using the refinement, comfort and more feature tops the list for many buyers. "

Metropolitan said extensive research among customers of trucks around the world has revealed surprising similarities in taste and design expectations.

While the needs and expectations may be different in the 180 markets where it is sold, the new Ranger truck design robust resonates throughout the world.

"Good design is durable and overcome all markets," said Metro. "Tricks is not cute enough for this group. It is a rugged truck that does the job first."

According to Metro, the Ford Ranger seems very difficult, but not chiseled style that Ford's large North American F-Series trucks. The contemporary design is equally at home on the streets of cities like Cologne's trendy restaurants or Melbourne as it is or the value of real estate development site Outback.

Reflecting the different uses pick-ups around the world, a brand new Ford Ranger product range offers everything from basic work trucks, hose-out interior design and high-series models, such as the Ranger Ford Ranger Limited and Wildtrak, and yet to unfold.

The best of Ford's design language has been used inside. Take the signals power tools ergonomically designed, like DEWALT � 1, and attach the instruments in a protective shell, like a G-Shock � 2 designers were inspired by the clock mix of form and function, while ensuring that the instruments are clearly visible to the driver.

Inside, the cover plate is designed to be easily replaced. One of the basic tools is mounted off-line and simply installed on the vehicle. Although various cutting styles, all components are designed to replace.

"Look closely and you'll see that no matter the model, not deviate from the basic layout and design," said Metro. "All forms and the exterior and interior panels are identical."

The little things become very careful to ensure the quality and craftsmanship in all models. Of graining on the interior panels of tone color, radiates the performance of a premium feel inside.

The design of the instrument panel was used, which would easily accept modular parts - such as radios, and heating and ventilation - to ensure the construction quality was maintained to eliminate any unsightly holes.

According to Debbie Pascoe, a color and Ford responsible for the design finish, the materials used in the cockpit to be particularly resistant. The seats have to be comfortable, but also able to withstand corporate use.

"The driver of the pickup usually needs space and we have designed an interior that is comfortable, easy in and out, with controls that are larger to accommodate work gloves, for example. When designing an interior truck , special considerations must be taken to ensure the cab is as durable as the rest of the vehicle. But difficult does not necessarily approximate, "he said.

Interior materials are subjected to constant abuse and punishment must withstand the rigors not seen in a passenger car. Seat materials should be able to take a beating of the tools that are thrown into the cabin or forgotten in a back pocket. The door panels can not be easily broken or scratched with dirty boots. And customers want more than one truck interior is stylish and comfortable for your personal use.

"We have not forgotten that many of these vehicles are used not only at work but also the primary transport in many parts of the world as a family vehicle," said Pascoe.

Three passengers can easily fit in the second row of the new Ford Ranger Double Cab. It offers plenty of room for your knees and walk the distance between the best B-pillar and the seat. This means getting in and out of the new Ranger has never been easier for rear passengers.

Storage is available throughout the cabin, with a maximum of 20 storage locations. Pockets four-door double cab can easily fit water bottles and, in some models, a deep center console to keep beverages cool. The glove box is large enough to accommodate a laptop. Storage for mobile phones and other small items can be found on the console.

Under the rear seats, a handy hidden storage areas, and electronic devices in small packages is expected, while the choice of models Ford Ranger double cab, behind the armrest in the rear half of the fold contains two cup holders.

Which helps to reduce total cost of Ranger, especially range of fuel pumps range of design features have been optimized to improve fuel efficiency. Using the same technology as high-tech simulation as the Formula One team, made more aerodynamic than 1,000 full-car simulations of the perfect form of the aerodynamic vehicle.

Using this technique, engineers have shown that the hard-top-line wing, the wind flow and the resistance was calculated. The backlight was placed in vertical columns and optimized for a small spoiler inserted at the top of the tailgate. The front apron has a significant role in the control of airflow under the vehicle, which significantly reduces the drag coefficient.

"By reducing air resistance was a start. Small incremental gains in terms of fuel efficiency can add up quickly and help achieve the goals of fuel economy," said Metros.

More muscle under the hood - three new engines

With a body that is lean and taut muscle lies under the hood. The all-new powertrain Ranger was designed to give customers an uncompromising combination of power and torque.

Ford Ranger Engine Ford Truck three new compact pickup in the world:

The new 2.2-liter Ford Duratorq TDCi I4 diesel engine power torque is 375 Nm and power of 110 kW (150 hp).

A very sensitive and efficient power new 3.2-liter Ford Duratorq TDCi diesel I5 with a powerful 470 Nm of torque and the nominal 147 kW (200 hp).

Ford Duratec 2.5-liter I4 gasoline engine with more power to 122 kW (166 hp). It can be configured as a flexible fuel as the E100 or the secondary market upfitted natural gas or LPG.

"This is a completely new engine family demonstrates our commitment to make the best option for the Ford Ranger pickup truck to customers today," said John Tatge, the chief engineer of the Ranger program. "We bring the best technology in the engine transmission distance of the Ford Ranger to make the perfect choice for functionality and fuel economy, especially in a world class Duratorq diesel. The couple makes the Ford Ranger truck to own."

Australia, has developed, tested and validated throughout the world, the Ranger stations are designed to operate with different fuels mixed at the local level of octane number.

Selected Ford Ranger powertrain enjoy the benefits of low engine speed and reduce wear, with manual six-speed automatic available on select models. Increased fuel economy, along with other advances to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, to reduce the annual cost of ownership.

"The new Ford Ranger is a driver of the van," said Rob Sharples, team leader of the broadcast. "It's inviting to drive, and all driver inputs and vehicle controls to work together in harmony."

Transmission ratios and final drive are carefully matched to deliver outstanding acceleration, excellent fuel economy and a quiet ride.

The new Ford 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission, have been carefully tuned to deliver smooth, fast switches almost imperceptibly to the driver, to improve the sophistication of the car as the new Ranger. In normal mode, the calibration focuses on comfort and fuel economy. For a sportier driving, changing a little bit faster transmission lever into Sport mode. This gives the points of change later, and the driver can manually select gears via a forward (downshift) or backward (shifting) of the movement.

It 'is another clever technique Ford - Grade Logic Control. E 'grade scaled down automatically when a sufficient pressure to restrain the senses, the addition of a brand new Ford Ranger towing and hauling capacity.

6R80 automatic transmission is designed for 4x2 and 4x4 versions of both. It is lightweight and reinforced, including inmates have been designed and tested to global standards for Ford vehicles.

Ranger can also be equipped with Ford MT82 six-speed manual with short car-like gear lever - well positioned ergonomically for the driver - it provides strong, specific changes to the generous torque ideally suited for new diesel engines. Upshift indicator in the dash allows drivers of buses on the best gear for fuel economy.

The gasoline engine 2.5-liter is standard with the familiar Ford MT75 gearbox five-speed manual.

The new Ford Ranger four-wheel drive models have a proven, electronically controlled gearbox, which allow drivers to go to 4x2 and 4x4 switch on the console. If the couple in excess or other downhill braking is required, the lower the gearing ratio can also be used.

Select four wheel drive Rangers may also be equipped with a differential lock or an electric limited-slip differential on a wide range of gear ratios.

While fuel economy certification will take place shortly before the start of production, Ford said the new Ford Ranger Powertrain large contribute to substantial savings at the pump.

The new levels of ride comfort and body control

The same level of detail that makes Ranger stand out in a crowd that set it apart from the competition with a new chassis which has a capacity even with the car, such as comfort, reducing steering effort, more precise handling and better on the road to stability.

Off Road has been improved with a ground clearance of more rigid chassis, up to 232 mm and transmission components that have been strategically placed above the bar of the chassis and out of danger.

Despite the increase in wheelbase mm 3220 - and a wider track for the 1560 model 4x4 mm and 4x2 model 1590 mm in front and back - turning radius makes it easy to handle in a Ranger parking lots and narrow streets of the city. Its system of rack and pinion steering has been carefully designed to provide solid performance while delivering more precise steering.

In front of the whole suspension is brand new. A coil-over shock absorber system allows for better tuning of the upper and lower boom design. Suspension set, while the corresponding two-and four-wheel drive models are equipped with unique features and is tuned to the tube shock absorbers and spring forces all models to compensate for the weight, center of gravity, the engine torque and distribution units.

Behind the new suspension provides a smooth ride and quiet in the company chart of leaf springs has been carefully tuned to various road conditions, and still an excellent payload.

The rear suspension is also the Ford Ranger with a well-planted driving in high speed riding dirt roads, common in South America as well as to reduce the influence of the vehicle and not Skate "is a rough or corrugated surfaces.

While customers in regions where the monsoons cause frequent flooding, Ranger main electrical components and vents are strategically placed high in the engine compartment. This contributes to the impressive ability to ford water.

Offering the largest brakes in the class, stopping power is excellent for the Ranger.

All models Ford Ranger front rotors measuring larger 302-by-32 mm and a twin piston caliper. Brake shoe has a pair of phenolic pistons that reduce weight and improve thermal performance.

Two-wheel drive vehicles use a drum 270 by 55-inch rear, while the Hi-Rider 4x4 vehicles and the use of a drum 295 by 55 inches at the rear.

The braking system has been subjected to extreme environmental conditions and driving customer needs - at least 30 degrees Celsius in Sweden, in the intense heat in Death Valley, California, urban congestion, roads and highways German Australia's unforgiving interior.

The largest segment of the braking system provides excellent fade resistance, especially with the maximum payload. While competitive systems begin to fade and stopping distance increases, Ranger designed to keep the scene.

Superior braking power, the Ranger is available with Ford's Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which includes four-wheel traction control, yaw control and crash mitigation.

Invisible to the driver, the ESP system includes sensors on all four wheels independently monitors wheel speed and detect wheel slip during acceleration or deceleration. If a release is detected or if the vehicle is cornering (yaw), the brakes individually used to ensure that the vehicle is still some way expected.

In extreme conditions, Traction control system reduces engine torque from combustion control and fuel delivery.

High level brake system includes Emergency Brake Assist to provide a substantial boost for anti-lock brakes (ABS) and are used automatically during the panic-stop situations. Electronic brakeforce distribution precisely hold the brake pressure to the brake lines back to help the braking distance reduced. Emergency lights flashing warning following vehicles automatically stop when the ABS is activated.

Among the leaders of the segment with an exceptional capacity, trailer-footed traction and stability is guaranteed with the mitigation measures available trailer sway control and adaptive load.

If the trailer starts to sway, the brakes are used selectively to the brakes of the truck and trailer. To ensure that the Ford Ranger has a stable ride when the full load of cargo, Load Adaptive Control determines the payload and uses the measures necessary to maintain a straight and level flight.

Like all modern products Ford Ranger is the new one is designed to provide comprehensive security protection, starting with a very protective body structure uses high strength steel throughout to protect passengers in collisions.

The engineers used advanced computer modeling to refine the duration of collision is a brand new Ranger. This included more than 9,000 full-vehicle crash simulations before the first prototype vehicle was run on a physical collapse.

The new Ford Ranger offers a new passive safety technology, including the availability of side airbags curtain airbags on all cab styles for the first time.

Another new Ford Ranger technologies - including rear park assist system and a new rear view camera - not only helps the driver to pick up in everyday use, but also help to avoid potential contact with pedestrians.

Load capacity

Carrying a crew of five? Directed at the construction site with major appliances, building materials, sand or gravel? Loaded with the production for sale to the local farmer's market? Regardless of the payload, are easily stored in the cargo box of the new Ford Ranger Double Cab - even with a full passenger load.

Measuring 1549 millimeters long, 511 mm high, with a maximum loading width 1560 mm, loading the box with the double cab has more than 100 millimeters more. Tie is an impressive 1.21 cubic meters.

Width between wheel arches is 1139 mm for all models and special provisions are provided in the cargo box to put wood spacers in the pockets that are above the wheel arch. This allows the rock or a piece of plywood to be stacked flat. Width in opening the back door at the top of the box is 1330 mm.

New from the ground up - more to come

It 'is not often that engineers and designers have the opportunity to build a new pickup truck from scratch, and the new Ford Ranger is an indication of how he took a chance.

Ford Ranger when production begins in 2011, it set new standards in many categories, including a stand-out design, handling, which is smooth and refined chassis that is off-road capable and powertrains, that are economical, clean and the overall objective promise Built Ford Tough.

New Ranger produced throughout the world into three parts manufacturing facilities aimed at achieving the regional, particularly in rapidly growing areas.

A gradual rise in production is scheduled to begin next summer (northern hemisphere) in Rayong, Thailand, Asia and the Pacific. Ford is converting plants in Argentina and South Africa for additional capacity to eventually be used for other important regions such as the launch rate is increasing. Manufacturing strategy for the new single platform truck Global Compact drive new levels of commonality of products for the Ford Ranger all around the globe.

Although not scheduled for introduction in the United States or Canada, the new Ford Ranger will eventually be sold in 180 countries, making it one of the most powerful of Ford products. This reflects the importance of compact pickups to consumers in many parts of the world and the importance of the Rangers in the Ford product portfolio globally.

Ranger also symbolizes how Ford is optimizing its global resources of products more efficiently. Its product development team based in Melbourne, Australia. The full range of facilities for product development at Ford Broadmeadows complex based in Melbourne, close to the proving ground facilities in Geelong has become an ideal base for the World Team Ford Ranger.

"A Ford brought all our forces together to create the all-new Ford Ranger," said Kuzak. "When you look at the importance of compact trucks are everywhere, it was the ideal candidate to be our next global product."

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