2011 GMC Yukon Review

GMC has introduced a brand new 2011 Yukon and Yukon Denali full-size SUV on October 5. They are based on GM's new full-size SUV family, which has a distinctive style, spacious and refined interiors, exceptional driving characteristics and enhanced security features.

The new Yukon family is distinguished by the elegant and expressive announces a new look for GMC vehicles - a style that expresses GMC professional qualities of design quality and distinct from other GM vehicles. The vehicles offer more power and better fuel economy than the vehicles they replace, enhancing GMC "more than expected" reputation.

"The new 2011 Yukon and Yukon Denali GMC's professional philosophy to bring to the next level - we strive to offer our customers more than they expect from all points," said John Larson, GMC general manager. "Yukon Denali is our flagship and the performance and features of a luxury SUV, and the full capacity demanded a full-size truck."

Yukon and Yukon Denali are available early in the first quarter of 2006. Yukon is available in SLE (cloth trim) and SLT (leather), as well as 2WD and 4WD configurations. Yukon Denali is a distinct model, with differentiated, exclusive features that elevate its performance and style to an unprecedented level - including an exclusive 6.2L all-aluminum small-block V-8 engine with variable valve timing and a new six-speed automatic transmission.

Distinctive style

Yukon and Yukon Denali is a more subtle form tense. Wraparound front and rear fascia, mirrors and integrated running boards style provide a unique contemporary look. Skills can be found in elements such as narrow range of external components and is tuned, wheels-to-the-corners proportion. The wheels are aligned on the same plane as the outer edges of the fenders when the vehicle a confident, broad-shouldered position.

Show Onega on all models is created windshield angle is 57 degrees, which flows nicely into the roofline. This also improves aerodynamic performance of the segment's best 0.363 cd, which helps improve fuel economy and reduce wind noise.

Jewel-look lighting products, wraparound fascias and doors that extend over the rockers accent the vehicles design elements precise and refined. The headlamps are larger, with halogen bulbs that offer improved lighting spread. Rear-end styling also is distinct, with unique treatments above the beltline and around the glass, including taillamps and integrated license plate pockets.

Yukon Denali is distinguished with exterior appointments that look exclusively at a higher level, more differentiated. In addition to its iconic chrome grille, the '07 Yukon Denali also features enhanced lighting off work, the headlights and the premium look, taillights and rear fascia treatment, as well as unique 18-inch wheels standard - 20-inch wheels are available. The headlights and taillights look the other models of jewelry Yukon with detailed lighting elements and clear lenses - with the GMC logo engraved on the bezel headlights - that provide a crystalline appearance and distinctive lighting patterns.

All models offer features such as articulated running boards (available mid-year) and a power liftgate. Vehicles not equipped with the functionality of a power liftgate friendly tailgate is designed with a micro-switch that assists the operator by using the mass of the tailgate to almost open or close the door once grew back half-open position. Ergonomically designed, recessed cup with pull handle makes closing the back door with one hand.

Spacious interior, refined

The interior is more spacious - including increased cargo capacity - and has a large luxurious environment, thanks to the premium two-tone instrument panel and the lower position. Thinner sculpted seat designs and new finishes to state detailed craftsmanship Yukon, which is confirmed by amenities such as heated seats, front and middle row passengers. Even the front seats offer more forward / backward and recline travel, and second-row seats have a wider angle of inclination of the backrest for maximum comfort.

Two-tone interior aspect of the affected vehicles, the Aura is roomy, luxury sedan. Stylish design integrates new materials, softer and low-gloss for the instrument panel and other trim pieces. Subtle color and grain of the material was carefully selected to provide a quality feel and durability. Recessed controls and radios, almost imperceptible gaps, convey precision and integration. Tools are used chrome surrounds, vents and other trim.

The ship is also revealed in unexpected areas: the badges threshold without visible hardware to greet occupants when the doors are open and no exposed fasteners or hardware on the pillars, seats or seat tracks. The seats have "close-out" around the bottom of the seat tracks and seat, creating a more finished look. Fasteners and hardware are covered, too, with the seats folded.

Like the exterior, Yukon Denali is a distinction between exclusive, special functions, such as an area of ??luxurious nuance leather seating, unique center console, enhanced interior bright work and detailed, highly finished sill plates that greet passengers in relief when you open a door Yukon Denali. The unique center console has wood trim that covers the lid and cupholder pockets, creating a more finished and refined.

Yukon family also offers a new, industry-exclusive power fold-and-tumble second row seat feature that eases access to the third row of seats. Power fold-and-tumble second-row seats feature release buttons accessible by the driver or the inside of the C-pillar to give easy and immediate release of the site to create access to the location of the third row of seats or cargo area.

Climate control tri-zone is standard on all models. Automatic climate control is standard on Yukon Denali and Yukon SLT, it is available on Yukon SLE. A remote start feature, standard on SLT / Denali models and available on SLE, allows the climate system to heat or cool the interior. An array of options improved audio, infotainment and safety is also available and includes a provision of touch-screen navigation system and a DVD system with large screen folding.

There is more space inside the SUV, too. More fore / aft front seat travel provides the segment of the legs leading to the front passengers. Legroom in the second row and knee room, and the third row of seats was increased clearance of previous models. The second and third rows of seats have more shoulder room - a feat accomplished while also offering roof-mounted, side curtain airbags. Cargo room has increased 4.2 cubic feet (118.9 liters) behind the second row seats and 2.3 cubic feet (65.1 liters) behind the third row. The third-row seats fold and are easy to fall forward or removed for cargo space. In addition, the storage compartment in the center console, with 20.1 liters of capacity, is the largest segment. The glove box offers storage space of 25 percent over previous models and features damped opening operation that reinforces peace and refinement.

Responsive driving experience

The '07 Yukon and Yukon Denali are built on GM's new full-size SUV platform, which includes features like a new fully boxed frame, front suspension coil-over shock and rack and pinion steering. The new frame offers 49 percent increase in torsional rigidity and 35 percent improvement in beaming frequency, compared to previous models. The frame supports wider front and rear tracks - approximately 3 inches (76.2 mm) wider in front and 1 inch (25.4 mm) wider in the rear - that enhance stability and confidence in driving through a road feel safer and a low center of gravity.

The front suspension consists of totally new coil-over shocks, which gives a linear, solid and unwavering ride and handling characteristics on all road surfaces. Another new feature is the rack and pinion steering system that provides precise and responsive control and feel better in the center. A highly refined five-link rear suspension provides superior isolation and ride, larger, firmer brackets that also contribute to accurate ways to drive the vehicle.

Larger disc brakes on all four wheels and a new system to ensure braking performance at the upper segment of ABS. Larger vented front and rear disc brakes, stiffer than the 50 percent of dual-piston calipers, brake pads and life and a new, robust tie-type apply system contribute to enhanced pedal feel noise of brakes, the answer predictable, linear brake and shorter braking distances. A new, Bosch 8.0 next-generation four-channel ABS system is standard. The ABS system works with standard electronic stability control stability. In the new SUVs, StabiliTrak incorporates the first application of GM roll-over mitigation, software algorithm technology uses sensors to proactively predict vehicle "tip" and applies appropriate brake forces to prevent such events.

Enhanced control and smooth driving course is offered with the Carrousel Auto available real-time damping system (standard on Yukon Denali), which uses electronically controlled shock absorbers to make nearly instantaneous damping adjustments. The system "reads" the road and wait for the best rate of depreciation.

Seventeen-inch wheels are standard on Yukon, with 18-inch wheels standard on Yukon Denali. Twenty wheels are available on Yukon and Yukon Denali. The wheels are designed with premium-appearance faces, including available chrome or polished. Yukon Denali wheels are exclusive. New tires are tailored to the vehicles to provide an excellent balance of handling, quietness and safety.

A New Generation IV small block V-8 family powers the Yukon family offers more power than comparable powertrains in previous models. A 5.3L small-block V-8 is standard at start of production in Yukon and is rated at 320 horsepower (238 kW) and 340 lb.-ft. of torque (470 Nm), an 8 percent power increase over previous engine 5.3. A Flex-Fuel E85 version that can run on E85 ethanol or a mixture of E85 and gasoline, is standard on 4WD models and available on 2WD models. E85 consists of 85 percent ethanol, a renewable fuel produced resources in America. A 4.8L V-8 engine, rated at 290 horsepower (216 kW) engine became the standard Yukon 2WD models later in the '06 model year.

5.3L engine with a displacement of On Demand allows fuel economy. When combined with other vehicles in all functions, including improved aerodynamics, the small block V-8 engine delivers better fuel economy segment. Yukon Denali 6.2L engine is new, advanced technologies and lightweight materials - including variable valve timing and an aluminum cylinder block - contributing to the uncompromising performance vehicle. It produces 380 hp (283 kW) and 415 Nm of torque (564 Nm).

The engines are backed by proven Hydra-Matic electronically controlled automatic transmission, including a new 6L80 six-speed gearbox fitted to the engine from 6.2 liters

The six-speed automatic transmission has a wide 6.04:1 overall ratio - including two overdrive gears - that helps deliver an excellent balance between performance and fuel economy. Also, the 6L80 has a "tap up / tap down" that allows the driver to manually select the changes by a button on the handle of the column.

Safety and security

Like all GM vehicles built new full-size SUV platform, equipped with Yukon Family 07 has a safety system designed around 360 degrees of the pillars of occupant protection, vehicle control and safety personal.

New features, including exclusive Jockey wheels connected sensors rear-end collisions, are integrated into a stronger vehicle structure is also designed to improve compatibility with other vehicles - will help protect the Yukon both inside and outside the vehicle before, during and after the accident. Exclusive rear pretensioner sensors can trigger the front seat pretensioners during tamponade, where people firmly in place and helps prevent whiplash injuries

In addition, new roof-mounted curtain air bags with ties are available for all seating rows (standard on Yukon Denali). Anchor system air bags mounted in the ceiling "keeps the bag in place now to protect and contain occupants. The bags stay inflated for several seconds to provide optimum protection in rollover or side impact collisions. Sensors front and rear of vehicles and side doors provide a more immediate crash detection.

The myriad of sensors headset is complemented by an increase in rollover detection system, standard StabiliTrak stability control with new rollover mitigation technology. The electronic control system continuously measures the angle of the sides of the vehicle and if a rollover appears imminent, it can deploy side curtain airbags before failure. The 360 ??degrees of detection capability allows electronically controlled safety systems to deploy a wider range of situations.

Collision avoidance is reinforced better driver control dynamics, driven by the system standard StabiliTrak stability control. It is supported by broader trends, such as front and rear tracks, and more vulnerable to disruptions. Vehicles, stronger and stiffer, fully boxed frame is designed for improved crash energy management. Front frame section, for example, has improved crush dynamics that provide to 17.7 inches (450 mm) of additional space crush - vehicles that are only about 3 inches (76.2 mm) longer than its predecessor. The chassis is also designed to enhance vehicle-to-vehicle compatibility in frontal impacts, the smallest vehicle.

Additional safety and security features include:

+ Standard dual-stage driver airbag

+ Standard two-stage outboard front passenger airbag system with passenger occupant detection

+ A 5-star frontal impact anticipated

+ The standard control tire pressure

+ With rain sensor wiper system Available

+ Assistance Available ultrasonic rear parking that can detect people or objects on the road to the rear of the vehicle and send an audible warning signal

+ Available rear-view camera system that can visually detect people or objects in the path to the rear

Standard + switches opening and closing window

All models come with the Generation 6 OnStar system (with a plan year Safe and Sound service) that provides personal protection safety pillar of the Yukon 's. The system includes the General Motors Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN) system, making crash data available to emergency services to potentially dispatch the appropriate life-saving personnel and equipment to crash scenes faster. If the vehicle is in an accident that triggers the airbag, the OnStar system automatically notifies an OnStar Advisor, who will check if the building or calling for emergency assistance if necessary. OnStar also can assist authorities in finding a vehicle if it is reported stolen (ability to locate stolen vehicles varies with conditions).

Denali details

The legendary Yukon Denali SUV Luxury deeper into the realm of professionalism and improved features that distinguish it from other models. This is a complete package of performance, comfort and style that offers a powerful, understated elegance that is unique in the GMC.

Yukon Denali remains instantly identifiable, with its Denali-specific chrome grille. In addition to the grid, '07 model includes chrome side molding-accented headliner and other treatments work light. In addition, the headlights and taillights are unique and have a premium, crystalline appearance and distinctive lighting patterns.

The new Yukon Denali is powered by an exclusive 380-horsepower (283 kW) 6.2L V-8 engine, six-speed transmission with Driver Shift automatic automatic change and all wheel drive - a powertrain not shared with other Yukon model. Eighteen-inch polished aluminum are standard and unique 20-inch factory installed chrome aluminum wheels are available - the wheel designs are not shared with other Yukon models.

Yukon Denali also offers a unique combination of interior style and luxury, including standard Nuance leather-covered seats, heated first-and second-row seats and leather trim throughout - including a Denali-exclusive leather-wrapped steering wheel, which also has real wood accents and a host of auxiliary controls. Yukon Denali is also the only model available to offer family Yukon heated steering wheel.

Other standard features include a power liftgate, power-Release 2-row and once the seat machine, roof-mounted side curtain airbags, power adjustable pedals, electrochromic (auto dimming) rearview mirror, intermittent wipers Automatic wipers, remote start and Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist. From the point of view of entertainment, Yukon Denali comes standard with an AM / FM radio with MP3 compatible six-disc in-dash CD changer, Bose premium nine-speaker audio system and XM Satellite Radio.

Like the other models Yukon, Yukon Denali offers several helpful and convenient options, such as the navigation system, rear camera, sunroof, power retractable assist steps (available mid-year), and rear-seat DVD entertainment system based on .
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