2011 Ford Taurus Review

Ford Taurus - the machine that changed the American view full-size sedans - the new 2011 and ready to take on the world's best, and a new sleek design, an impeccable driving dynamics, class-leading technologies, and an unbeatable price .

"The new Ford Taurus is setting the pace for the growing momentum to launch new Ford car," said Mark Fields, president of the Americas "Sedan completely redefines the expectations of this bull is -. It contributes to better define what Ford is capable -. to provide quality, fuel-efficient vehicles with the latest technology, wrapped in the drawing bold, sporty and expressive "

The new Ford Taurus will benefit from Ford's Global Product Development System, which made it possible to give a completely new sedan first 12 months - and the latest features to customers and resellers dreamed possible.

"The Taurus is Ford's flagship of the award, and throws the entire portfolio of brands alone," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president and global product development. "Based on his reputation as a leader in security, we use leverage comprehensive computer-aided design and digital pre-assembly and modeling technologies for the production of high quality, the new year ahead of schedule Toro".

Even better news? The new 2011 Ford Taurus starts at $ 25,995 - the same price as the 2010-models.

New times, new design

"Lightning can strike twice," said Peter Horbury President of Design for the Americas. "Like the original 1986, new 2011 Ford Taurus separated by combining the style of substance."

Change begins with a vision for Ford Taurus itself. He started as a family sedan, but with the rise of crossovers, the new Taurus aimed more at drivers who could move friends and family, but instead more of a premium on driving experience and technologies to make the time on the road more serious and fun.

"Taurus is more than the sedan a" me "now, and we have complied with this buyer in mind," said Moray Callum, director of Ford cars and crossover design.

Exterior design details are more sculpted and powerful - who speaks of PowerDome force behind its wings grid marked confidence and fascia. Bold new headlamps combined with the parking lights back under a new expression of the signature three-bar Ford grille - and lowered the roof to make the new Ford Taurus more ambitious.

New wheels, from 17 - to 20 inches in diameter, fill the wheel wells and sculpted to pay Ford Taurus muscular and athletic stance. The high waistline of the new Taurus offer a profile of the trust and the ability to allow trucks generous.

The exterior color palette for the colors of 2011 Taurus new features, chosen to match interior and offer customers a wider range of color combinations. The new colors include metallic red caramel color, White Platinum Metallic, Steel Blue Metallic, Metallic gold leaf and silver bullion wire.

Inside, leaning forward, center console - the house with air conditioning, audio system, navigation and visualization available - a continuous flow of an unbroken sheet down through the dashboard and center console. Clever design allows the interior to be formed by solid lines to deliver seamless quality and craftsmanship.

Door panels using an innovative manufacturing process provides a unique urethane and identity of faces showing stitching and artisan appeal. This same process allows for greater flexibility, two-panel ports, the model allows the differentiation of the series.

Ford Taurus Precision craftsmanship is reflected in the quality of materials used in the inner and outer edges compared to the expensive German luxury sedans.

Better performance on the road, too

To match his pace more athletic, the new Ford Taurus sports driving dynamics.

2011 Ford Taurus comes standard with Ford's Duratec 3.5-liter V-6 that produces 263 horsepower and 249 foot-pounds of torque. This deserves an award-winning engine ULEV-II emissions certification and will be paired with a choice of two new six-speed automatic transmissions.

Smooth and refined Duratec V-6 will help the front-wheel drive Ford Taurus unsurpassed highway fuel economy. Ford Taurus reflects the commitment to provide the best, or be at the forefront of fuel economy of the entire vehicle segments in which it competes.

Ford Taurus Fuel economy is facilitated by the use of a fuel pump with two speeds and aggressive deceleration fuel shut-off technology (ADFSO).

Ford Taurus engine plan also calls for the availability of optional Ford EcoBoost � advanced 3.5-liter V-6, with a notice of availability soon.

Taurus SE offers a six-speed automatic transmission Grade Assist, Hill restore function taking prevention, coupled with economic 2.77 final report.

SEL and Limited Edition Ford Taurus � models are available with moving select, with the race-inspired gearshift paddles on the steering wheel mounted shift. Change SELECT offers the convenience of a conventional automatic or a manual shift mode that gives the driver full control over gear selection. Powershift transmission allows the choose "match-rev", deleveraging, and keep manually selected speed, unlike some competitive transmissions to guess the driver.

The SEL comes with a 2.77 final drive ratio, while the limited edition of 3.16 using a computer in front-wheel drive, and a ratio of 3.39 all-wheel drive models to provide acceleration.

Components of the chassis and suspension are tuned to deliver sporty and aggressive in roll stiffness during cornering optimized control, responsive steering with a lap of high precision and accuracy. This setting of the chassis from the front MacPherson struts and multilink rear suspension reflects Ford World DNA, defined by management and highly responsive handling, while maintaining a comfortable driving experience.

2011 Ford Taurus is a new assembly SR1 suspension. Calling for his report "one-on-one" with the rear shock, it offers an excellent balance between cornering and handling in the solid foundation for development. New SR1 allows the use of 19 - and 20-inch wheels - and reduce the weight of the car, which saves fuel.

"While the involvement of the driver was a key objective of the new Ford Taurus, we have also focused on creating a calm environment," said Chief Engineer Pete Reyes. "Development time was important in the wind tunnel to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, but it also helped to fuel economy.

Client-oriented technologies

Tech-savvy customers will find plenty to like about the new 2011 Ford Taurus. Its technologies enable connectivity clients, fulfilling the desires of personalization, customization and control. This list of duties is not just technology for technology. These offers have been selected and developed to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience for the driver and all passengers. Much work has been done to ensure that these technologies are easy to understand and intuitive.

Adaptive cruise control allows the driver to adjust the vehicle's cruising speed while using radar technology to monitor traffic that travels up to 600 feet ahead, automatically adjusting the speed of the Ford Taurus to help maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

Also includes Adaptive Cruise Control Collision Warning with Brake Assist, a new security force.

The collision warning system uses a radar sensor to detect vehicles ahead and gives a visual "heads up" warning signal is sent to the bottom of the windshield and an audible warning when the slow traffic is detected to come. The system also pre-charges brakes and engages an electronic brake assist to help drivers stop more quickly.

Intelligent Access with Push Button Start of a new Ford Taurus feature allows the driver to get in the car and start the engine simply by carrying the fob with the approach and enter the car.

SecuriCode � keyless entry keypad allows vehicle access by unlocking the driver door using a five-digit code on the keypad of the new integrated system in the driver's side B-pillar.

MyKey � allows parents or fleet managers to activate a limited edition. When enabled, MyKey is a continuous band Minder � with audio muted until the seat belts are tight, low fuel early warning, and constantly engaged Dynamic Stability Control AdvanceTrac �, warning of Blind, Cross Traffic Alert and Collision Warning before. Programmability includes additional restrictions on the volume, which limits the top speed of 80 kmh speed warning chimes at 45, 55 or 65 mph.

Remote car lights / wipers with rain sensor techniques to exploit the sensor to change high-intensity headlights, when no other vehicles are detected, the range of up to 500 feet and the back light to detect, and up to 2,000 foot of a lighthouse in the arrival detection. Windscreen wipers with rain sensor using an optical sensor detects the intensity of rain advanced and / or snow adjusts the speed of the wipers.

Easy Fuel � capless tank system has the unique feature that seals itself without the traditional fuel cap.

System Blind Spot Information (BLIS �) consists of two modules of multi-beam radar, one for each rear quarter. When approaching a vehicle enters the area defined as the blind spot, an indicator provides an alert warning the driver in the mirror match.

Cross Traffic Alert uses the radar module current BLIS receiving incoming traffic, while slowly backing out of parking spaces. This industry-exclusive system works only when the vehicle is back and will warn you when the cross-traffic will be a width of three cars.

Ford SYNC � is fully integrated into the vehicle of voice communication and entertainment system, with 911 Assist, Report on the health of vehicles and GPS-based features, including research companies and end the call. SYNC connects to MP3 players, iPods, USB sticks and PDAs. SYNC 911 Assist � made a call to an operator of the local implementation of emergency incidents. The latest version of SYNC adds trafficking routes and information, providing turn by turn guidance and the ability to access the contents of personalized bookmarks, such as area, region or sports team.

Voice-activated navigation system with SIRIUS Travel Link � uses an 8-inch screen shows a bird's-eye-view map of landmarks in 3D. The system responds to voice commands, the programming of destination and the choice of route. It also provides advanced route guidance, such as street name announcements and details on a 'motorway, turn and position the ramp lane guidance. The display can be customized with up to 32 photos, sizes up to 1.5 MB. The system includes SIRIUS Travel Link provides access to weather and ski conditions, a five-day forecast, local fuel prices, the cost per gallon as one, branded sports scores and movie listings.

Sony � brand audio equipment for the production of different sound sources, where the AM-FM tuner, Sirius Satellite Radio, CD, DVD, audio, and integrated 10 GB hard drive storage up to 2400 songs. This package also includes the available 10-speaker premium audio system.

Multi-contour seats are available exclusively in the industry for the driver and passenger, including lumbar and six massage and subtle tread pattern. The lower band characteristics of active movement.

This provides the movement of the pelvis, but minutes continuous agitation a change of muscle activation to help the driver avoid back pain.

"Multi-Contour seats are real benefits for the long distance drivers or back problems of the people," said Steve Michell, designer of the product. "The most important thing is their subtlety. Active motion is sufficient to alleviate fatigue, but not enough to interfere with the driver."

Safety leadership to grow

New 2011 Ford Taurus is based on its heritage of safety leadership, which includes a full range of passive and active functions to protect and preserve its passengers.

"A rigid body structure and avoid collision technologies are the Ford Taurus - already named the safest large sedan - even safer," said Reyes, chief engineer.

Ford Taurus safety begins with a body structure optimized for strength and rigidity. The structure of energy absorption characteristics compared with octagonal front rails, tunnel rails and "shotgun" before the structure designed to absorb impact forces of running outside the cabin.

Ford Taurus features ultra structure of boron steel to high strength in the B-pillar for protection against side impact further.

The new Ford Taurus is equipped with a full feature set of passive and active safety including dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags, side airbags and Safety Canopy � system, a protection system that offers exclusive Ford side curtain airbags that protect front and rear passengers, both in rollover accidents and side impact.

Other key features include security:

Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement (SPACE �) Architecture consists of a hydroformed cross-car beam embedded in the floor between the doorframe, giving extra strength in the side of the vehicle. In a side collision, the beam can deflect impact forces away from occupants. A member of the Red solid roof and side door impact beams work with floor mounted pipe to further improve side impact protection.

Personal Safety System � is designed to reduce the risk of injury to the driver and front passenger, if moderate to severe frontal impact. Note the weight of the sensors on the right front passenger and seat belt use, the outboard seat belt tension and the driving position to optimize the deployment bag aviation passenger safety.

AdvanceTrac � electronic stability control provides projected path of the vehicle using sensors to detect and measure oversteer and yaw, while continuing to monitor vehicle speed, the position of the gas and steering wheel angle. When the system detects a loss of wheel traction is reduced engine torque and braking is used with the standard anti-lock brakes (ABS) system. The system also includes traction control to help drivers when using the vehicle on slippery surfaces or furniture.

SOS Post-Crash Alert is an integrated system, which automatically opens the doors, sounds like a horn and emergency lights activated, if the air bag deployment.
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