2011 Ford Fusion Review

In 2011, the Ford Fusion is set to shake the cut-throat segment, midsize sedan when it goes on sale early next year, brings a whole new hybrid will offer the best fuel economy of any vehicle in America, superb fuel economy with 4 cylinders, more power, class-exclusive technologies, including a blind spot detection and warning and Ford SYNC, more comprehensive passenger and luggage capacity than the Toyota Camry, more quality and proven reliability that has been recognized by top consumer groups and magazines.

"With the new Ford Fusion, we can offer consumers more choice, better fuel economy and a market leader in quality and reliability they expect," said Derrick Kuzak, vice president of Ford Group global product development. "But it's not all - we were not satisfied to simply match the competition in the segment, we wanted to give consumers even more by offering an engaging driving dynamics and technologies that make the car more to the comfortable and connected. "

Designed to stand out

Ford's attention to detail with the refreshed Ford Fusion, will start a new design gives the car a sporty look that is more luxurious and better aerodynamics. Auto redesigned front end, including new headlights and hood very rounded, grille and fog larger area to continue to enhance the sporty nature of the Ford Fusion 2010. The aerodynamic improvements and new platform covers the consumption of a fusion drive.

In total, more than, sportier look aims to make the Ford Fusion even more attractive for customers who want a fun to drive sedan, medium size.

In all models, the interior design team has created a more modern, the technical aspect of a new metal finish on the dashboard, which carry through the center console, doors and steering wheel. All new dashboard is over the top and soft leather, plastic, and is much less hard than the Japanese competition. The dashboard display and switches have been upgraded to a modern light ice blue. The new design leather-wrapped steering wheel form-fitting palm swells, a new gearbox, and arms padded and wrapped sport and increase the Fusion driving comfort in all the key points of contact.

The seats also received a makeover. Side dishes here were reviewed, and add half of the public support and a comfortable seat with soft mattresses and more structural. Seats feature contrast stitching and leather to give the Ford Fusion adds more attitude, suited to this midsize sedan.

Instrument cluster is designed with backlight day, a black lens and 3-D elements to create a high-tech jewel-like appearance that looks like a fine watch. Motorists will be greeted by a new "welcome" sequence that makes the Ford Fusion seems that if it comes to life. Gauge needles sweep back the new bells and lights come on. The ambient lighting system allows you to illuminate the front and rear footwells and front cupholders.

Low fuel consumption and more powerful propulsion systems

The two four-cylinder engines and V-6 have been updated for both the fuel and energy. The standard model of the Ford Fusion Ford S equipped with the new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder is expected to produce at least 6 mpg improvement over the 2009 model on the road, resulting in fuel savings is at least three mpg better than the Honda Accord and 2 mpg better than the Toyota Camry.

The 2.5-liter I-4 horsepower and torque has also improved the car out of 2.3 liter 4 cylinger engine, jump to 175 hp and 172 lb-ft. torque of the previous 160 hp and 156 lb-ft. As a result, improves performance from 00 to 60 with more than a second, now leading Camry and Accord.

2011 Fusion features all six gears ladder, including a new 2.5-liter I-4 engine, which is available with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The previous 2.3-liter I-4, the Ford Fusion is available for only five gears.

The additional hardware on the I-4 gives a better handling and performance, and fuel savings, said Matt Hettenhouse, team leader of the powertrain of the Ford Fusion. "The speed and the overall duration of transmissions allows us to have a timetable for achieving more effective and spend," he said.

First gear can be a bit 'deeper, providing a smooth acceleration. At the upper end, a gear allows the engine to run more slowly than the conditions of the road, which will also help fuel economy.

Ford's proven 3.0-liter Duratec30 V-6 has also been improved in the 2011 model, with gains in fuel economy in highway mpg in the city for at least 1 and 2 mpg on the highway. Power in the 3.0-liter V-6 also increased to 240 hp and 222 lb.-ft., up from 221 hp and 205 lb-ft. in the previous version. The 3.0-liter engine is now flex-fuel capable and can run on ethanol E-85, which offers more power - up to 250 hp. For maximum performance, the Ford Fusion Sport has a 3.5-liter V6 engine has 263 horsepower and 249 lb-ft of torque running on standard unleaded fuel.

Front wheel drive and on-demand four-wheel drive is available with models with a 3.0-liter engine and the new Ford Fusion Sport 3.5-liter engine. The two V6 engines are available with select shift control for each speed. The versatility of the propulsion creates a wide range of options for clients designed to fit any need.

2011 Ford Fusion is now equipped with Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) for 2.5 and 3.0 liter models, to improve the driving dynamics of the vehicle, providing improved fuel economy because the system is driven by an electric motor instead. In addition, EPAS offers improved steering feel and reduced effort at low speeds, when it comes to almost 1 smaller turning radius makes parking foot RCA in 2011.

Fusion Bar to stay and rear suspension geometry has been revised for improved steering link, ride and handling. Suspension springs, shocks, bars and this, have also been adjusted to maximize the revised geometry and a new administration.

Besides improvements in 2010-Fusion is the steering, handling and brake pedal feel even better Ford Fusion team took a look at how to improve comfort in the car, including noise reduction Wind and road noise.

Acoustic windshield, thicker glass door, new hood insulation, absorbent inner and outer board, and carpets, sealing baffles revised its extra sound insulation in the trunk, and new materials in the interior of the pavilion absorption are among the improvements in the overall sound level and quality.

Improvement of the body and joints also contribute to a better class of Fusion standing in wind noise. Overall, a reduction in wind noise and road noise makes Ford Fusion near some of the best luxury cars in the shape of silence and speech intelligibility. Wind noise, for example, is 3 better than atoned for the Camry and Accord. Models with I-4 engine are class leaders in wind noise.

The new hybrid model

For the 2011 model year, Ford Fusion adds a new hybrid model. The Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrid join the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids, doubling the size range and volume of the hybrid Ford.

"Who gives consumers a wider choice of fuel for vehicles, such as improving and adding a hybrid car offers is part of a larger plan by Ford to provide technology solutions for affordable fuel economy for millions" said Kuzak.

"With the new Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids, we are now able to offer a wider range of travel on battery power faster, thanks to a smooth and effective transition between the motor and batteries, motor gasoline," said . "These new hybrids will exceed expectations on all fronts - energy efficiency, comfort, convenience and ease of driving."

The Ford team has developed a hybrid propulsion system that combines the best attributes of the gasoline engine and electric motor's batteries to provide an optimal experience for the customer in terms of driving and fuel economy. In addition, the propulsion system for the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids transitions between gas and electricity more efficiently and transparently.

The system upgrade allows the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids to operate longer at higher speeds, power-saving mode. Hybrid cars can operate up to 47 mph for pure electric mode, about twice as fast as some competitors. In addition, the driving range in town with a full tank of gas is expected to more than 700 kilometers.

The next-generation hybrid system features:

New 2.5-liter 4-cylinder (155 lb-ft of torque horsepower/136) the execution of Atkinson cycle coupled to a proven transmission, electronically controlled continuously variable or e-CVT.

Synchronization variable intake cam (IVCT), which allows the vehicle to more seamlessly transition from gas to electric mode and vice versa. The distribution of spark and cam are varied according to engine load to optimize efficiency and emissions.

Improve the electronic throttle control reduces airflow closures, reducing the need for food after the restart.

Wideband lambda sensor analyzes the air-fuel ratio and adjusts the lean / rich to keep the system in balance and to minimize emissions.

The new smaller, lighter nickel-metal hydride battery has been optimized to produce energy 20 percent more. Improved chemistry allows the battery needs to be run at higher temperatures, and cooled air in the cabin.

An added variable voltage converter increases the voltage of the traction battery to operate the motor and generator more efficiently.

Powerful new converter offers 14 percent more output can accommodate a wide range of vehicle characteristics.

Smarter climate control system monitors cabin temperature and only works as long as the gas engine to heat the cabin, but also includes an electric air conditioning compressor to further minimize engine use.

The regenerative braking system captures energy normally lost through friction in braking and stores it. Nearly 94 percent of energy recovery is achieved by first delivering full regenerative braking followed by friction brakes during city driving.

A simulator brake control system dictates the brake control and offers improved brake pedal feel from the brake system of the previous generation.

"Because our hybrid can operate at a much higher speed in electric mode, can do much more driving situations of the city," said Gil Portalat�n, director of hybrid applications. "Under the right conditions, can drive in your neighborhood or downtown parking without using a drop of gasoline."

The Ford Fusion Hybrid also offers drivers to be more connected driving experience thanks to hybrid Ford SmartGauge with EcoGuide, performing a unique set of instruments, allowing them to coach on how to optimize the performance of their hybrids .

SmartGauge with EcoGuide there are two high-resolution, full-color liquid crystal display (LCD) on both sides of the analog speedometer, which can be set to display various information, such as fuel level and battery, average and instantaneous miles per gallon.

EcoGuide uses a layered approach to coach drivers maximum fuel efficiency.

Tutorial mode built-in screen, which helps the driver to learn the instrument panel and how weird hybrid that does not turn on. Technical enthusiasts will love the detailed metrics that help them learn to become a more efficient way. The drivers of all days is in love with another new feature of this instrument in the same cluster. Called the "Efficiency Leaves," the system "grows" the leaves and vines on the screen to reward customers driving.

Drivers can choose one of four data screens to choose the information level displayed during their drives. They are:

Inform: Fuel level and battery charge status

Floodlit more electric car indicator and tachometer

Engage: Adds engine output and battery

Empower: Adds power to wheels, engine pull-up threshold and accessory power consumption

All levels can show instant fuel economy, the history of fuel economy, odometer, coolant temperature, how fast the car is traveling and the data (trip fuel economy, time economy fuel and miles to empty). The temperature gauge coolant turns green when engine conditions are warm enough to allow draw down the engine.

Several factors that differentiate the brothers Ford Fusion Hybrid essentially "road map and" unique hybrid badging on both sides and rear of one vehicle, 17-inch eight-spoke wheels, cloth seat post from eco-industrial 100 percent recycled materials and a standard power outlet of 110 volts.

New Sport Model

2011 Ford Fusion Base for a fun to drive mid-sized car. When sportier look, a bigger engine, more powerful, especially the 18-inch wheels and update the development of the suspension to move forward with a distinctive design, the new 2011 Ford Fusion Sport is a dynamic, a welcome addition.

"We maintain an element of fun to drive, that made the Ford Fusion as a huge success, and the law on construction," said the chief engineer, JD Shanahan. "Our 2011 models are even more fun to drive better steering and handling. Everything is an example of the Ford Fusion sports a 3.5-liter, 18-inch wheels and sports development."

263 horsepower V-6 Duratec engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift. Front-wheel drive is standard on all wheels available. The control system air intake of the sport offers its fun to drive, powerful and sporty attributes of the propulsion system is expected in the sport Ford Fusion 2011 to complete the driving experience.

Based on the improvement of the Fusion line, 2010 Ford Fusion Sport is also unique in the lower grille looks more functional, more brilliant beveled tip dual exhaust, half-rocker moldings, spoilers decklid badge and a unique sport. Eighteen-inch painted aluminum wheels are standard.

Interior reflects the sporty character as well. As the basic models, instrument panel and center console Sport Fusion to produce more technical, content-based display. Ford Fusion Sport includes a charcoal black interior, high-tech soft dark gray finish available. Blue Sport or Sport Red interior design are also available for all exterior color is chosen. These give the dash and console, is also a more sporty look, which is what moves the seat inserts and contrasting stitching.

Overall, the Ford Fusion Sport is the car of a driver who is both comfortable and exciting at the same time.

Proprietary technologies for keeping consumers connected to

The new technology features available on the 2011 Ford Fusion include:

Blind Spot Information System (BLISTM) with Cross Traffic Alert, which can be used to find confidence in more than drivers in parking lots is to warn drivers of traffic during the closure more quickly backed down. It uses two different radar beam modules, which are packed in the rear quarter panels. The radar detects moving objects within a 65-foot range from either side. The radar detects when the vehicle must be specified in the blind spot zone and illuminates the indicator lamp corresponding side mirror to give a warning that the vehicle is approaching. Audible alarm is sounded as well.

SYNC: The voice-activated hands free in car communication and entertainment developed by Ford and Microsoft. The system fully integrates most Bluetooth mobile phones and digital media players, providing customers hands-free mobile phone capabilities and selection of music - and the new 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report provided with no monthly fees.

911 assistance: When the phone is properly paired, turned on and connected to SYNC, the system is ready to help with making a call directly to a local 911 emergency accident airbag deployment. The main advantage of SYNC 911 Assist is speed, as calls are placed directly to local 911 operators.

Vehicle Health Report (VHR): SYNC gathers relevant information from the major vehicle modules control and diagnostic data package in a usable format in minutes. The data packet is sent to Ford via an 800 number dialed by using paired and used by the client mobile phone.

Voice-activated navigation that integrates several features voice recognition destination entry, climate control and SIRIUS satellite radio into one easy to use system, displaying them on an 8-inch touch screen. Text to Speech operation of the calls of street names while in route to a destination and reads incoming text messages when the system is related to synchronization. The DVD player is capable of reading CD-Audio, MP3 CD, DVD, DVD-Audio and DVD-ROM (for digital map updates). A Jukebox function stores more than 150 hours of music. The screen can even be customized with personal photos.

SIRIUS Travel Link �, the industry-leading technology, combined with a voice command navigation system provides users with real-time information on traffic accident and incident information, coast-to-coast weather data including current conditions and five day forecasts, and information on fuel prices for over 120,000 gas stations. Travel Link also offers sports scores and schedules, and listing more than 4,500 movie theaters with movie channels times, theater addresses, movie synopses, and more.

Reverse Camera System, which mounts a small camera that activates when the merger decklid moved backwards when the driver's visibility behind the vehicle. Video shows the optional navigation screen Mergers have this option, or auto-dimming rear view mirror for vehicles without navigation.

Lighting system allows the driver to change the lighting of the interior to suit their mood through the seven basic colors - ice blue, purple, blue, orange, red, white and green.

Sony-branded audio system. The Ford Fusion is the first midsize sedan in North America to offer Sony-branded audio system with surround sound and Sony DSP as factory option. Sony-branded audio system features 390 watts and 12 speakers, which make extensive use of high quality materials such as speaker cones made of polypropylene three-layered soft-dome tweeter and larger magnet, most of the speakers in the system.

Easy Fuel � capless fuel tank system is also standard. This industry exclusive feature eliminates the need to touch the plugs dirty and helps reduce evaporative emissions that create smog and global warming. When fueling is completed and the nozzle of the fuel pump is removed, the system automatically seals shut.

Cabin air filter is the standard for the first time, the Ford Fusion. Filter to remove toxins and irritants caused by traffic and industrial pollution. The filter also provides additional protection for the air conditioner.

A bold new design, class-leading and unsurpassed fuel economy and performance, depending on the model, a number of exclusive new features and technologies segment, increased load capacity and storage of more versatile than the Chevrolet Malibu, Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima, better driveability and comfort, and even wider choice of configurations, 2011 Ford Fusion is ready to win a mid-size car customers.

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