2012 Lancia Ypsilon Review

The Geneva Motor Show 2011 has been the scene of the world premiere of the new Lancia Ypsilon, a "little star" in just 3.84 meters of best packages of Italian style, innovation and respect for the environment. For the first time, proposes a 5-door designed to provide greater comfort to the faithful Lancia Boutique, technological excellence and unique style.

At the center of the Lancia Ypsilon, the design is an original approach to a car "premium" that redefines the concept of "luxury" word, intriguing research of originality and character, who loves technology and elegance, and those who admire the quality and the 'innovation. With the Lancia Ypsilon, a luxury becomes something unique, which triggers feelings of pleasure, "owns", but without the pretentious display, look for uniqueness in every field, on his real personality without giving mislead the judgments of others.

The new Lancia Ypsilon, which will be on the market in June in major European markets in September in Britain and Ireland, with the Chrysler brand, is the fourth model series of success - more than one and half million vehicles currently along the way - who was born in 1985 when the Y10 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a miniature lighthouse, which features style and content never before seen in an economy car of the day, which marks the pioneering spirit that was to accompany the model to date. It was the turn of the Lancia Y in 1996. "Custom Deluxe", elegant, elite, with a strong personality that reinforced the notion, so that was in 2003 when the third generation, the Lancia Ypsilon, brought to the world cars in the city and Technology "class", until then exclusively reserved for models of higher segments.

Now the baton has been taken in accordance with the new Ypsilon, par excellence that supports the "Fashion City-Car 'that continues to charm of personality, sophisticated style and class unconventional, but it grew and became more mature, more wide-ranging appeal. It beneath polished exterior bearing the prestigious label "Made in Italy" belongs to all the materials of the car, which boasts cutting-edge technology, as recently pointed out four awards in the "International Engine of the Year" competition.

The innovative engine featured in the engines of the competitors in each category in which he participated and was designated as the "International Engine of the Year 2011." With Twin Air, the excellence of the following new cars Lancia Ypsilon with ecological systems Multijet Second Start & Stop, and the unique characteristics of this category, as the new "Blue & Me-TomTom LIVE" and "Fuel Smart" system " as well as the second generation of innovative parking Magic, bi-xenon headlights and LED taillights.

A refined and innovative Italian "5-door" with the appearance of a typical "3-door," the New Ypsilon is a compact car, so much so it stays in the segment "B", but with the comfort and livability standards: although only 384 cm long, 167 cm wide and 152 cm, with a wheelbase of 239 cm, the new Lancia Ypsilon can accommodate up to five people in relation to their size is one of the shoes of the most spacious in its category and is one of the best in its class in terms of passenger space. Without increasing the size of the rear passengers, excellent accessibility and comfort have been achieved with the use of "thin seats," a technology used here first by Fiat Group Automobiles.

In this way, the new Ypsilon continues its domination of the major urban car category and the two recent market developments, where "5-door" market account for two thirds of segment B and the needs of a wider audience than that achieved so far, including young men and young families. It is precisely in terms of quality, comfort and feel of the interior, the new car is determined to make all the difference. Go, and you become aware of fine materials and color combinations, attention to detail and customization options.

At that time, began to offer more than 600 possible customizations created by crossing three design specifications (Silver, Gold and Platinum), all designed to offer customers high-value products, 16 elegant liveries including 4-color, six different interior Three different alloy wheels and 3 engines (69 bhp 1.2 Fire EVO II, and 85 hp 0.9 TwinAir, the latter also semi-DFN), turbo diesel (95 hp 1.3 Multijet II), all equipped with Stop & Start standard technology. Later, the Fire EVO II 1.2 Bi-Fuel (petrol and LPG) is available. Please note that a lot of equipment in the field of security is a constant in the whole area: electronic stability control system complete with ASR and a Hill Holder, ABS with EBD, 4 to 6 airbags (front, window-bag and side), plus ISOFIX.

Therefore, the new car represents an evolution of Ypsilon model in terms of technology, safety, comfort and good humor, but still maintains its position as "affordable luxury" as an attractive sample price list. In particular, open silver door trim level provides a remote control, height and depth adjustable steering wheel, power windows, 50/50 split rear seat, height adjustable driver seat, steel wheels 15 ", the technical fabric interior equipped with electro-welded seams, the radio configuration window and rear seats. In terms of safety, ABS with EBD, ASR and a Hill Holder, front and side airbags and ISOFIX fittings also offers standard. ESP In addition to this many teams, the Gold version adds manual air conditioning, radio with CD and MP3 player, electric mirrors, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter bellows, saddlery and Comfort Pack Castiglio.

Finally, the Platinum trim level also offers a rear electric windows, fog lights, alloy wheels 15 "alloy wheels, rear seat headrests and leather seats.

Also, for those who want to customize your new Lancia Ypsilon and make it truly unique, a wide range of fine accessories and high quality is available. Not only are the accessories offer great style and meticulous attention to detail, but also go well with the car, in line with the inimitable style of Lancia and in full compliance with the technical, stylistic and mechanical properties of new cars . The exclusive 16 "alloy wheels, side skirts and tinted headlights of a solid top with black logo lit, a" Blue & Me-TomTom LIVE "packages and accessories.

The new Lancia Ypsilon has its sights set on becoming the alternative of car from the city "premium" in Europe, as it is designed for a demanding clientele that likes to stand out from the crowd, but also, simultaneously, will car that is pleasant and comfortable for everyday use. Not to mention that today is the product itself is not the only "premium" element to attract a potential customer. For this reason, the brand has developed major new sales and service proposition to reflect the desires, needs, tastes and many different customers. An example? The original idea of ??extended warranty FGA Capital, a finance company specializing in the automotive industry. What is interesting about this solution is the extended duration of up to 96 months, unlimited mileage and content: full coverage for vehicle components. And a feature even more innovation to the market, the same level of coverage for the duration chosen for the loan.

Style: tradition meets the future

Items to remember the past are masterfully reworked in a modern vein. This is the original style of the new Lancia Ypsilon, which once again reveals his fiery, the non-conventional, where elegance and refinement inherited from his ancestors is a recast, embracing new cross-fertilization or consolidation solutions that are by no means obvious.

While the exterior of the car exudes a charming style, in a perfect place for the forces elegant upholstery on the other hand is careful hand, which is always set to Lancia cars in addition to competition, is an advanced design solutions . This produces an elegant range of unmistakeable Lancia class, which, as the best Italian luxury products, combined with a unique style of cutting-edge technologies. And it was the Italian style of features that make the product "Made in Italy" into something unique. This is true for fashion and accessories, such as it is a successful car. In fact, the success of the car is due for a winning bet, the flash of stylistic intuition backed research on new trends in customer tastes, new customer needs and projections for the development of the market and competing models.

Therefore, due to a difficult recipe, which has been tested with the highest judge: time.

Exterior: personality and innovation

Although compact, the new sports suspension Lancia Ypsilon a sleek: this time the proportions and weight charts "play" the quantities of different size distribution, however, very similar to the previous Ypsilon. In fact, compared to the previous model, although the wheelbase is nearly identical, the differences follows: the windscreen is further forward while the front projection has been shortened to increase the back gives a a larger boot. Last but not least, was the important decision to have five doors. In the end, adding nearly three inches in overall length and cut two inches in height to achieve a slimmer look.

Volume in front of a beautiful integrated, and underlined to show the grid: Room such a transformation, in particular the glass moves up, includes a logo, and leave for the horizontal elements, where the "spear" in the form of suggestions . On the one hand, and the spirit of the Lancia Ypsilon genes dissidents, on the other hand, a recognition of the past year with sixty / seventy-style grid.

With a unique design that is independent of other elements, the lights made by Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting grow horizontally, indicating the width of the front. These bi-xenon headlights are rounded elliptical modules give the car a more aggressive and decisive "look". In addition, the ends of the lights to set the size of the wings on the side. Especially the latter and the network is the hood, like a top, a clear horizontal division design is subtly reminds Lancia Ardea lines.

The sporting side of things that hint at the car's personality and character, and is balanced by other more discrete lines: the rear door handle is hidden within the structure, highlighting the handle of the door. The net effect is that of a city car 3-door compact with all the comforts of a 5-door. The convex section of the door is carved with a delicate concave section vanishes in the lateral dynamics surrounding the product sign.

From the side, well, you notice two dynamic scanning curves: the first deviates from the line of the hood, sweeping along the size and the amount back. The other, climbing from the bottom of the pillar forward, draw the upper curve of the glass through the first curve from the column below, and down to delineate the outer edge of the rear window. The effect of a clear separation between the roof and the rear pillar is a reference familiar with the Lancia Delta.

The overall volume of the back is tapered and improved aerodynamics, with a pronounced rear door, dug in the middle: space from the bottom up to the number above, by setting this as the jewel, is a rear window is limited to land on the side line of the column and the arch over the spoiler.

Shoulders out of the pages and generate volumes going down the sides of the tailgate, the link with the rear lights and embrace. Their external positioning and vertical development, the brand's recent Lancia is emphasized by the arrangement of features: LED light guide long bars for lights or less, braking, lateral base, a housing indicators triangular space .

The lower part of the bumper has a black band at the center, which houses and protects the reversing lights and rear fog light, reducing the overall volume.

The overall design of the new Lancia Ypsilon was designed from the principle of separating the different parts of the car in order to favor the two-tone version of the boldest and most elegant and attractive as possible. After all, the color was not simply a matter of aesthetics for Lancia Ypsilon. On the contrary, is an integral part of a product philosophy based on elegance, glamor, personality, play, creativity, style, and the broadest range of customization options. And the New Ypsilon is no exception, as its line of awnings is to show the broader category 2 pastel two or three layers, four metal, metal particles of 4 colors with an iridescent effect and 4 two-tone colors.

Interiors: charm dressed practices

The new Lancia Ypsilon confirms and extends the legacy of its predecessors, adds even more elegance and innovation. The characteristics that distinguish small town still Lancia cars, as exquisite, unique upholstery for the interior has been revised, combining the class content and hi-tech. The concepts that guided the design of space are rooted in the glorious past of the brand, but with the addition of a strong technological focus.

From the drawing board stage, the inspiration for the interior was a hug. The dashboard is embraced by the door panels, rear, rear seats are perfect.

The design of the dashboard is designed to highlight the contrast between the insert fabric extending from residents, with the top, which traces the line of the windshield, describing it as an amphitheater. The calculated curves create an effect of perspective with vanishing points located at the end of the dashboard, to underline its width.

The passenger space is so designed to reduce the volume and represents a blank surface, which combine a variety of functionality and usability seductive aesthetic perception.

Analysis of the figures, the construction visible in the layers. The first is padded and covered with soft materials to enhance the feeling of comfort and the tactile experience, reminding residents in a domestic setting, as if they were sitting comfortably in their own bed.

Sinuous lines of income, in some places more technical difficulties, which are characteristic of the vents and center console. The contrast between the elements are marked by a narrow black band, which cuts straight through the instrument panel and connections with the central equipment, gear, giving the impression of light off the ends of the white LEDs. The housing of the console radio and air conditioning system is a floating element is located in the center speaker, when rising metal vents, "tears" is a fabric. Finally, the design of the door panels is simple and comfortable, and enveloping, high-containment seats give it a sporty edge.

Material: a synthesis of excellence

Lancia Ypsilon family has always been synonymous with style and driving pleasure. Now, the new Ypsilon "grown" to increase its offering with the addition of a large number of new features. The most striking feature is the rear passenger door, plus a range of environmentally friendly engines and a wide range of features - standard and optional equipment - designed to improve comfort on board.

Versatility: 5-door, but the 3-door, it seems

New Lancia Ypsilon, an elegant Italian "5-door," a typical expression of the "3-door." It 'a very compact car, as it remains in the segment "B", but the high volume and comfort, while only 384 cm long, 167 cm wide and 151 cm high, 239 cm wheelbase, the new Ypsilon can accommodate five people, and in relation to its size, is one of the spacious boot in its class and is one of the best in its class in terms of habitability. The increase in size of rear-seat passengers in an area with excellent transport links and comfort is achieved by using a "thin place" technology used for the first time in Fiat Group Automobiles.

Engines: power and environmental

New Lancia Ypsilon range of gasoline engines includes 69 bhp 1.2 Fire EVO II, 85 hp and 0.9 TwinAir, the latter also semi-DFN, 95 hp 1.3 Multijet diesel engine turbo II, and then 1.2 Fire EVO II bi-fuel engine ( petrol and LPG).

69 hp 1.2 Four EVO II (Euro 5)

The latest evolution of the fires of the family, the 69 hp 1.2 8V comes with Start & Stop system that allows fuel to 5% less CO2 emissions (115 g / km is the value ) that the motor current at the top the top of its segment. By continually updating and flexible architecture, this engine family also remains a benchmark in the category of the use of screens drive continuously variable valve timing, as it is able to optimize the distribution program (opening and closing) all engine speeds. Thus the fuel consumption is a fraction of the recirculating exhaust gases at low loads, with less pumping losses, and the realization of further increases to ensure the availability of low-end torque (102 Nm at 3000 rpm ) and power at high rpm (69 hp at 5,500 rpm). The result is an engine that provides maximum flexibility for the fuel rationing in the category.

85 hp 0.9 TwinAir (Euro 5): "International Engine of the Year 2011"

The second engine is ideal for use in the city, but compared to the previously mentioned 69 bhp 1.2 Fire EVO II has more power (85 hp) and torque (145 Nm at 1,900 rpm). The first of a new family of two power sources, Fiat Powertrain, which produces 65-105 hp, 85 hp turbo that produces a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions (up to 30% less compared with the efficiency of the engine).

In addition, for the most 'green' driving and reduced fuel consumption, you can simply press the ECO button on the dashboard, which limits the torque to 100 Nm at 2000 rpm. This way, you can reach the level of CO2 in the upper segment: 97 g / km DFN gearbox with semiautomatic and 99 g / km with the manual transmission. Among other things, DFN gearbox Semi-automatic, which was initially launched back in 2003 Ypsilon, developed with Magneti Marelli, has been updated to provide better ride comfort while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

A real gem of engine design, a twin-cylinder uses a revolutionary Multiair developed and patented by Fiat Powertrain which was introduced in 2009. Multiair is the heart of a new electro-hydraulic control valve, which reduces the consumption of aviation fuel directly by controlling the intake valves (without gas). Multiair reduce emissions (by controlling combustion), and also significantly improve performance by increasing the drivability. In fact, compared to a conventional gasoline engine with a cylinder of equal volume, guaranteed Multiair engines increase the power (up to 10%) and torque (up to 15%) also significantly reduce CO2 emissions (up to 10%).

Thank you to these features, engine Twin Air has been awarded four prizes in the "International Engine of the Year 2011" competition, Excel compared to competitive engines in every category in which he participated. The panel of 76 journalists and industry experts from 36 different countries, has declared the engine in its class success TwinAir own travel (less than 1000 cm3), and chose the "International Engine of the Year 2011" awarded the first prize in the competition. engines by Fiat Powertrain TwinAir also won "Best New Engine 2011" and "best engine Green 2011" Awards.

II 95 hp 1.3 Multijet (Euro 5)

In order to respect the environment, combined with driving pleasure, the range is a vibrant new Ypsilon 1.3 Multijet II (Euro 5), with Start & Stop system as standard, which produces a maximum output of 95 hp 4000 rpm and a torque maximum of 200 Nm at just 1500 rpm.

With a variable geometry turbocharger, a new oil pump and variable displacement engine alternator capable of "smart charging", the 1.3 Multijet II produced only 99 g / km CO2 emissions combined cycle and even second generation Multijet engines.

In detail, ensuring MultiJet II engines, economics, environmental and performance unmatched in the market. Compared to the first generation Multijet engines, changes in fuel system injectors soon be able to perform multiple injections close together in time. Specifically, it is possible to perform a primary injection modulated fuel in stages and anticipate consequences. The servo valve with piston balanced MultiJet II system can handle up to eight injections per cycle, providing greater speed, flexibility and precision in the different phases of operation. Injector is also simpler and more reliable because its construction is less complicated and has 40% fewer components.

Thanks for this new type of injector, now based strategies to optimize the burning of more and more advanced can be done, as the injection rate Shaping involves two consecutive injections so close in time to generate profile modular continuous supply fuel into the cylinders. With this method, the combustion process is better, all in favor of quieter operation and particulates and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Today, the Multijet II engines meet Euro 5 completely and at the same time, a decisive step towards more stringent regulation in the future.

The state of the art tire

The new Lancia Ypsilon outstanding achievements in the field of reducing CO2 emissions have been helped by a new generation of 15 "low rolling resistance tires developed by Goodyear. Designed with innovative technology and state of the art materials , Goodyear EfficientGrip have a lighter structure that allows a reduction in rolling resistance. This amounts to less CO2 emissions and fuel consumption without compromising on the location of the driving pleasure.

Green-Tech Start & Stop system and the indicator of shifting

All petrol and diesel engines are equipped with Start & Stop, already approved models Musa and Delta, which switches the engine off temporarily and starts it again, in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Specifically designed for driving in city traffic, the system automatically shuts down the engine when traffic conditions require the vehicle to stop (the red lights, tails and a temporary shutdown, for example), keep all the features that ensure comfort and safety edge on (lights, air conditioning, radio and wipers).

Turn off the engine when the vehicle is stopped to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption (up to 15% of the city by car), reduces emissions and improves the acoustics.

The device can be enabled / disabled using the button on the dashboard.

The engines are equipped with Start & Stop is also the control of Air Flap (GSI), a true "partner" that subtly asks drivers when it's time to change gear, which will lead to more efficient use of fuel consumption. For example, GSI may suggest move up, which allows information on the control panel, so that the engine operate at a lower speed downshift and make the most of available torque.

Driving pleasure: the suspension and chassis redesigned innovative

The new Ypsilon is a car that allows you to enjoy moments of relaxation and travel comfortably, also due to suspensions that have been updated to ensure control and comfort at the highest level. In detail, from the current model offers a new Lancia Ypsilon McPherson front suspension with unprecedented design is simplified and provides a high performance accident. Reduced material with a monocoque lower arms of ultra high strength, the first use in Europe for the chassis components, and a cross made of modular panels of a thin high-strength steel. Ready for future applications, the interfaces through the so-called third line to the load without doubt improve the performance of collision in a collision at high speed, the impact of pedestrians and the impact of insurance.

The new front suspension is "split" of the damper assembly, which transmits loads through the body, two different paths, and then get a vibration filtering and best way to improve the acoustics in comparison with the current model for later the dynamic stiffness of a smaller loop, while ensuring maximum performance with the shock absorber for axial stiffness of at least one today.

The front suspension also has a new stabilizer bar to increase its effectiveness. The solution with the connection to the hanger has been replaced by a solution of connecting rod on the damper to maximize the stabilizer bar. In addition to efficiency, also the weight of the roll bar has been optimized again with the same anti-roll. Finally, the group of front suspension bushes have been studied and designed for maximum comfort while driving and bad roads, and contributed to the improved noise reduction also achieve lower dynamic stiffness of today .

The rear torsion beam has a new shrub higher than the current Ypsilon, which ensures comfort in bumpy roads and improved sound isolation without sacrificing handling. The form has been designed to optimize the longitudinal shock absorption without penalizing other aspects of the performance of elastic property of the kinematics of the rear suspension.

Platforms for the new Lancia Ypsilon is another innovative feature developed in line with the two phases: safety and reduce vehicle weight. In particular, it was possible to reconcile these two aspects of performance, with extensive use of high strength materials, which can be used to increase the energy absorption capacity and the frontal and side impact, and at the same time reducing the structure. Compared to its predecessor, Another innovative element is the implementation of the third truck in front of the line, which offers a more effective control of the effects of deformation on the front, because of its ability to transfer loads to smaller, a more durable vehicle, thus reducing the penetration of the interior should be.

Bolt-on parts to show the technical development of this platform, such as the use of high performance, hardened steel bumper beam and the adoption of lightweight and durable, "noble" plastics (Xenoy) is the goal of rear bumper.

Technology: Luxury for Innovation

New Lancia Ypsilon is the pride of a little full of exclusive features that make the benchmark in its class. Travelling in a new model, you will find a bright, cozy cabin, which guarantees the high level of comfort, but also technologically advanced space. Hence the LED lighting on the dashboard, and sound-absorbing ceilings polyester, with innovative materials, and reduce noise inside the car by about 2 dB for the extremely silent operation: reduction of 3 dB corresponds to 50% reduction sound intensity.

All this is reinforced by the great Gran Luce sunroof, which, with a glazed area of ??0.70 m2 - a record for the B segment - providing a great inner light.

Only in 'urban' category, the new Lancia Ypsilon offers a very interesting content, including "Magic Parking", "Blue & Me TomTom LIVE", the "Smart Fuel System" and innovative light clusters.

Second generation "Magic Parking"

It is often difficult to find parking in cities with lots of traffic. Of course, once you find one that makes parking the car can be quite difficult, because the space is so tight. This is why the Lancia Ypsilon has an innovative system called Magic parking, which is activated using a button on the dash helps the driver find the motion of a free appropriate parking, measurement and lateral control of the vehicle while the driver maintains control with longitudinal movement of the vehicle throughout.

In addition, the system has already been used for the development of the Delta, the new Lancia Ypsilon Magic enables automatic parking, parking lot, "a multi-room" and reduce the required size of parking space for only 4.6 meters. The device is available with manual transmission, and DFN.

In detail, the system measures the length of the space, and whether it is big enough for your car. So, it automatically controls the car in reverse, allowing the driver to concentrate solely to control the speed using the accelerator and brake.

With a simple maneuver fleets in parallel in a way to optimize the space available, and the restructuring of the car. At this stage, the maximum speed of 7 km / h. Of course, the driver is still in control of the use of the pedals, and can disable the system by turning the steering wheel or reverse the disengagement, or by pressing the appropriate button.

The second generation of Magic parking system consists of a radar sensor on each side of the vehicle within the front bumper. The radar is beamed space on the right (or left), and the echoes are detected by the sensor, which reconstructs a map of the area between the parked cars, displays the free space, and identify potential obstacles. At the same time, using information from the measuring wheel speed, the system can measure the length of the zone. The driver is informed that the parking is ok, if the measure is as long as the car, plus 80 cm (40 cm 40cm front and rear), or a total of at least 4.60 meters. If suitable space is found, a noise will sound and the display indicates whether the message parking maneuver can be performed by one or more phases.

"Blue & Me, the TomTom LIVE"

The new vehicle will be launched "Blue & Me TomTom LIVE," a development of the telecom system info automatically created as a result of collaboration between Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, Europe's leading portable navigation devices, which exploit the versatility Blue & Me system

Based on the TomTom device Go1000, you can manage - through a practical color touch screen - telephone calls, satellite navigation and all the necessary information to the driver that is downloaded directly from the embedded computing systems. It also lets you control the media player with touch interface.

The new version has a new generation of capacitive touch screen and TomTom LIVE services such as HD Traffic, which was voted as the best information system available today. This combines detailed information on the movement with a dynamic routing, which provides real-time updates of traffic congestion, traffic jams and road closures. Customers get free use of Live services for an entire year.

Special thanks to support co-developed with Magneti Marelli for the new Ypsilon, the "Blue & Me-TomTom LIVE" is installed in the wiring on the pole located on the front left of the driver so it can be fed (the integration of same with the steering wheel left to right at the top right possible).

"Smart Fuel System"

Completed one of these operations has not kept pace with automotive technology. The new Ypsilon is a leap forward with the innovative "Smart Fuel System" means a device that replaces the traditional cap and is mounted on the end of the fuel filler pipe. Developed with particular attention to female customers, the system opens and closes automatically when the pump is connected to the side and removed, so supply is easier and safer because it reduces emissions and fuel spillage. The new "Smart Fuel System" also solves the problem of "fuel use inappropriate" because it does not allow gas to be pumped into a diesel powered car.

Advanced optical blocks

As models and Musa Delta and get city cars, the new Lancia Ypsilon equipped with headlights and taillights developed with Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting, which combines advanced technology with innovative design which is nevertheless inspired by the centuries-old tradition Lancia. The rear lights are fitted with LEDs, brighter than conventional bulbs, providing increased security combined with a distinctive look. In fact, with the lights off, they seem monochromatic, but when lit, they light the color of the LED function is determined by themselves.

The front headlamps, meanwhile, is equipped with an integrated solution with "flagship" (Adaptive DRL), which automatically puts on the side lights when the engine is started: What happens to meet a European standard specific which comes into force in 2012.

What's more, the xenon headlamps are also available, cutting-edge technology available in very few models for the segment that provides style, technique and safety.

"360 � 500 W Hi-Fi Music"

The 500W "360 Hi-Fi Music" The system is available on request. The absolute novelty in the segment that is different from the rest because of its sophisticated technology, and is ideal for those who want a sophisticated hi-fi system that is designed and calibrated to the interior of the new Ypsilon.

In detail, the new system consists of 8 speakers (four dome tweeters and four 80W 40W musical musical Neodimium mid woofers) and a digital camera 8-channel amplifier. And thus to a unique experience on board is the system consists of the simultaneous use of three different methods of signal processing and their acoustic effects. The first (TruBass) extends the frequency seen in the direction of the lower without a subwoofer, so listeners have a sense of listening to a system capable of reproducing the broad and deep bass. The second method (Focus) raises the apparent position of the sound source to ear level. One has the feeling of listening to speakers positioned higher than they really are, while the perceived frequency response goes back to being "natural" that "color" caused by the increase in filtering is removed. The third method (3D) spatially offset stereo reproduction, correcting errors due to the location of the speakers and improve

Spatial perception. The result is a more enveloping sound, which creates the right stereo image, even to listeners far away from the symmetry of the speakers.

Security: Top of the class

To ensure the protection of passengers, the New Ypsilon blends a body designed for the most modern criteria, containing active and passive safety that ensures optimal performance in terms of security, so much so that to be at the top category.

The design and validation of this aspect of performance was achieved at a level almost entirely virtual, involving more than 20,000 hours of mathematical modeling. The final configuration and experimental research involving more than 80 crash tests, 100 tests HyGe to a slide and nearly 100 tests on components and subsystems. This confirms the obligation of the company to make the new Ypsilon one of the safest cars in this segment.

In detail, providing the third load step, the path connects to the strut of the vehicle in front of a homogeneous structure to adapt the response of car frontal collision, regardless of what type of barrier / vehicle struck because it increases the front of the energy absorption potential of the vehicle and reduces the forces of inertia and the intrusion of the passenger, providing optimum protection for passengers at higher power levels of difficulty . In addition, the energy absorbing elements located across the road to the third load step (made with a special type of plastic that has a strong ability to absorb energy) to minimize damage to vehicle collision at low speed and stops to provide support to reduce the risk of squats dangerous if the car hits a pedestrian.

Then, the new Lancia Ypsilon offers up to six airbags (front, side and window bags), front seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters, Rear seat belts and fold into three points. Special attention was paid also to the seats. The front and rear seats are equipped with an antiskid system (which prevents the body from sliding below the belt), the front seats have whiplash anti-(which limits the range of natural movement of the neck, beginning immediately after impact, reducing the risk of whiplash injuries in a collision from the rear) as standard across the range, as are ISOFIX child seat in the back seat.

The safety performance was developed by designers and Security Center, Fiat, after considering all possible types of accident: frontal and side collisions, overturning, pile-ups and collisions with pedestrians. Different speeds at which impact may occur were also considered and the different types of obstacles and different types of occupants with very different physical characteristics.

Personalization: the luxury of choosing

Anyone can find the new Ypsilon best suited to their needs and taste. Suffice it to say that there are over 600 possible settings for "flagship mini", created by mixing and matching colors of the body 16, including 4 two-tone, three levels of interior finishes (Silver, Gold and Platinum ), 6 different trim furnishings and three types of wheels.

Detail, silver trim level offers a remote control door, height adjustable steering wheel, electric front windows, split 50/50 rear seat, height-adjustable driver seat, 15 "steel wheels, fabric interior electro-welding, radio and heated rear window. Security, ABS with EBD, electronic stability control with ASR and a Hill Holder, front and side airbags, Isofix attachments than are offered as standard. In addition, a large number of devices, the Gold version adds manual air conditioning, radio with CD and MP3 player, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever gaiter, Castiglion upholstery, and the Comfort package. Finally, the Platinum trim level also offers a rear electric windows, fog lights, 15 "wheels, alloy wheels, rear seat headrests and leather seats.

In addition, for those who want to change the New Ypsilon and make it a true luxury, a wide choice of fine, high quality accessories. Devices not only provide style and meticulous attention to detail, but also fit under the car and unmistakable Lancia style of purely technical, stylistic and mechanical characteristics of a new car. From exclusive 16 "wheels, alloy wheels, side skirts and tinted headlights illuminated sill black logo, the" Blue & Me, the TomTom LIVE ", and Accessories Pack

Levels of interior trim of the new Lancia Ypsilon deserves further consideration. There are three different levels which are distinguished by different colors, materials and styles, customers can choose between dynamic and sporty versions, or more advanced versions that are reworked in a contemporary vein express the strong personality of the car. The first, the Silver level of finish, is ideally suited for young audiences: the interior is characterized by a fabric with a dynamic spirit. The characteristic of this level of finish is the presence of graphic material and use contrasting colors. Ypsilon logo is an expression of themselves, to become a hallmark, adding three-dimensional structure.

Gold trim level is aimed at a target that is male on one side and the other women and fashion. The interior offers two color options, "Urban Black" and "Gold romantic." The first is absolute, a true star and is powered by contrast with the "gray", which stresses the graphics recorded in the central part, logo clearly define the identity of the vehicle. Refined and elegant, the second version communicates through gentle graphic signs, highlighted by contrasting iridescent gold trim on the dashboard and door panels. The graphics are immersive, with fashion inspired details and armor.

Finally, the Platinum trim level represents the development of the Gold level of finish, again to identify the two versions: the whole "Urban Black" and "Romantic Gold", where the brown is metallic and iridescent. Aggressive and determined, modern look black expresses his spirit through contrasting materials and tone on tone, bright colors / mat. The characters are etched in a crisp, 3-dimensional, unambiguous. Matt leather dominate, inviting interpretations of luxury sports of an interior. The sophisticated "New Romantic" interior offers a new take on the concepts of timeless elegance and classic colors, redesign the soft sign language, which, however, very expressive and very defined by the material.
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