2011 Mini Countryman Review

MINI Countryman cross represents a new combination of handling the absorption of a mini inside with a versatile four-door car, and traction is optimized for a Sports Activity Vehicle (in the form of voluntary all-wheel drive system). It also provides a fresh and distinctive interpretation of features in the Mini set design, quality, efficiency and alignment is affected. Marked the fourth option - to join the classic two-door, the MINI Clubman and the MINI Convertible in the area - meets the challenges of urban mobility with an impressive flexibility that captures the imagination beyond the traditional domain MINI with its wider range of abilities, and paves the way for a growing crowd of potential customers with more or less based on the mobility requirements to experience the driving pleasure of the brand in a MINI.

With the convenience of reaching four individual seats and room for up to five people on board, and a high seating position, versatile interior, the new generation of powerful and efficient engines and optional all-wheel All4 MINI, the MINI Countryman added another bit of attractive features for the emotional experience of driving a MINI. Body and interior concept invite you to share feelings with friends and MINI in a variety of different situations. This drives the MINI Countryman on the radar of the wider target groups, whose family or leisure activities have created a need for more space and flexibility and therefore willing to mix the style of the brand with innovative features and a high level of versatile interior.

Classical principle, innovative concept, the style of the MINI brand.

The MINI design language inimitable this innovative concept vehicle MINI Countryman in the style of editing. The first MINI to measure more than four meters (157 ") in length also follows the principle established in the Classic Mini to create maximum interior space and functionality in a compact design. In addition to the classic proportions MINI, the characteristic features of design on the front, side and rear of the car to help ensure that the MINI Countryman is instantly recognizable as a member of the family brand.

The choice of name for the fourth model in the brand portfolio also reflects the historical roots and MINI British origin. Like MINI Clubman MINI Countryman also draws on the legacy of an ancestor based on the concept of small shiny cars, designed by Alec Issigonis. In fact, a variant of the versatile Classic Mini Countryman named came on the market since 1960. Austin Seven and fellow technically identical Morris Mini Traveller sister model gave an extra dose of variety, their greatest potential within offers flexible use. Can be purchased in 1969, this version of the Mini - especially "woody" version with wooden frame of his plate on the sides of the body and rear doors - reached a cult status, unsurpassed to this day.

MINI Countryman built in the partners of the BMW Group in the Austrian company Magna Steyr in Graz, Fahrzeugtechnik. The production takes place in a separate assembly line set up and operational standards for quality assurance and the BMW Group. As with all models of the brand, the MINI Countryman petrol engines from Hams Hall engine factory, the MINI Production Triangle corner of England. The new diesel power units, in turn, will be produced at the plant of the BMW Group's largest engine in Steyr, Austria.

Mini Countryman, the first of its kind in the premium model brings youthful twist the MINI model family.

Since the model fourth brand, and the car bonus first of its kind, the MINI Countryman is a pioneer in many ways. The new model is defined by the Mini classic features, including its design embodying the inimitable style evocative of the brand, agility - aka "go-kart" feel - which makes the MINI so much fun to drive, and quality than in accordance with high standards of BMW Group. MINI Countryman opens up new audiences to experience these qualities and talents.

The features mentioned above will also open new opportunities for the MINI brand itself. The expansion of the family model allows the premium small car manufacturer to bring an unprecedented variety in this market segment.

So the MINI brand has once again demonstrated its ability - and stronger than ever - growing needs of its fan base and remain faithful to their identity. MINI Countryman more new and exciting aspects of the brand, and presents an innovative concept of the body.


The concept of the MINI Countryman put clear water between the model, brand new and existing line-up. This new orientation is reflected in the design of body confidence. Measuring 4097 mm (161.3 ") long (Countryman MINI Cooper S: 4110 mm/161.8"), 1789 (70.4 ") wide and 1,561 mm (61.5") body high, four-door combines the usual proportions of the brand with increased ground clearance and high seating position. MINI Countryman bridges that gap between the classic MINI concept vehicle and a state of the art of sports activity.

As the broadest spectrum of possibilities offered by the innovative concept of the body of the MINI Countryman, the design represents the further development of the design language of distinctive brand of MINI. The new model offers a new interpretation of the basic design of the MINI.

These are the amazing three-body split levels, the greenhouse and the roof, the front appears (sculpted by large headlamps, radiator grille and upright windshield hexagon), with vertical taillights and outline "CSS" in the back, which expands like the head on the steering wheel roof. Characteristic of MINI design details, such as the headlights and tail lights integrated in these "islands" in the body, half scamper between the front fender and door, and tapering greenhouse gases back toward the rear of the car betrays a Countryman clear identity of the MINI family. At the same time, to change their game design makes them interesting.

These ingredients combine to highlight both the distinctiveness of the new model and her family roots in the sense incomparable. The design of the Countryman exudes originality MINI performance, ruggedness and versatility reliable. However, the charm and appeal MINI individual usual resounding remain intact.

Front-end with the characteristic appearance and a mature presence.

A clear structure to its front end to give the MINI Countryman mature and elegant look of the set. Upright radiator grille, bonnet-shaped headlights and surprisingly large front are distinctive. Emerging as a major, satisfies the requirements of current legislation on pedestrian protection and the attitude strong crossover borrowing. Powerdome tapers forward in front of the bonnet to reveal engine performance is below.

Along with the headlamps, which occupy traditional MINI outer edges of the chapel, the PowerDome gives the surface of the car an unmistakable look. The headlights are redesigned chrome surrounds and extends far apparently the shoulders of the car, ready to focus extra width. The shape of the headlights is a marked departure from the classic form of circular patterns in the range of MINI. The top edge slopes outward, adding others to the presence of the wheel wells. In the inner edge, meanwhile, seem to shrink away from the grid of wide circulation.

The modified form of the full grid style of stand-alone MINI Countryman: closed hexagonal unit is right that the bars on existing models of the brand. The three horizontal slats of the grille Countryman MINI Cooper, Mini Countryman One, MINI Cooper D Countryman and the Mini One D Countryman reach a long way back, creating a floating feel. The slats on the Mini Countryman and Mini One One D Countryman lattice are high-gloss black, while the other model versions are painted matte silver. The front end of the MINI Cooper S Countryman has its own design in black and hexagonal grid can also be identified by an additional air intake integrated into the intake grille and air brakes.

Extend your height and an increased ride height side view set.

Page sound of the harmony of the metal and the greenhouse is very clear. Familiar with MINI three-level split-body, and the greenhouse roof also affects the Countryman. Although the height and increased ground clearance, the proportions remain the same MINI Keynote. Short overhangs front and to highlight the brand philosophy of creating the most trusted of the interior within a compact footprint.

The distinctive profile of the MINI Countryman stresses the roof four-door appearance of the body and make the car instantly recognizable. Roof rails are standard integrated functional roof, providing a silhouette reminiscent visual impact helmet. Of greenhouse gases as the glass ribbon wraps around the car, and exudes an air of transparency is effectively inviting charm. Rising greenhouse loan shoulder body forms a "V", which in turn gives the car the appearance of dynamically surge forward - even at a standstill.

Particular light on the edge of the arches between the wheels along the side of the lower third of the car, calculates the visual center of gravity and extends to the side in the picture. This bridge style to the front and rear also serves as a reference to the optional four-wheel drive. Massive wheel arches is growing rapidly outside the body and a symbol of his firm grip.

The black border around the bottom of the body is more clearly defined in the MINI Countryman, like other models of the brand and highlights the increased ground clearance and a clear emphasis on the wheels. Extra-long suspension travel wheels are also detected and the car tips, more potential uses. Side tailgate design is to move the front wing at the door will also help make the Mini Countryman one another within the family brand. This element - one for a new interpretation of the welds in the same position on the Classic Mini - houses and semi-direction of character and output is the MINI Countryman.

The side door has a large aspect of the design extremely robust and leads the eye of a pillar at the bottom of the front wheel. As the path of C-pillar to the rear axle, this line also reinforces the impression of power of the body sur-le-wheel position.

Rear View: attractive contrasts created by the horizontal lines and vertical rear light clusters.

The proportions and the horizontal structure of the rear of the car highlight the athletic ability of the Mini Countryman and create a strong sense of purpose. The body is extended in stages to the wheels and the roof reinforces the strong position of the car, while the shoulder line enhances muscular male character. The roof, lip integrated, efficient aerodynamic spoiler appears to be "planted" at the top of the greenhouse. Another horizontal line is provided by the narrow strip of chrome around the car as a border between the greenhouse and the body.

As with all MINI models, the rear of the MINI Countryman arranged in vertical clusters, unlike the horizontal lines opposite the rear. These clusters are ringed with chrome and exceeds the body in three-dimensional shape. Located on the outer edges of the rear end, emphasizes the width of the car, giving a clear indication of the spacious interior. All lighting functions are located within these "islands". The internal structure of light is defined - in the style used MINI - in full and "sawed off" circuit that allows the rear of the car its distinctive look during night driving.

For the first time, the MINI logo on the back of the car is assigned a function. Pressing the inner circle of the emblem of the brand is launching the opening of the tailgate up. The recess plate echoes the shape of the air intake on the front bumper to establish a link between the style front and rear of the car.

The rear apron of the MINI Cooper S Countryman takes the form of a diffuser that directs air flow under the rear of the car to optimize its aerodynamic properties. The most powerful variant of the range of Countryman can also be identified by its roof spoiler specific model, the exhaust system with two exhaust pipes, and its catchy cuts in the outer edges of the rear bumper.

Choice of 11 body colors are available in the MINI Countryman - five finishes and six non-metallic metal. Roof MINI One and MINI One D Countryman Countryman, is painted body color. Customers who choose the Countryman MINI Cooper S, MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper D Countryman Countryman, in turn, can adjust the car, setting the tone color of the light white or black, as an alternative to body-color roof.

Equipped as standard 16-inch wheels (17 inches on the MINI Cooper S Countryman) also contribute to the visual impact of the MINI Countryman. In addition, the optional alloy wheels - some of which are designed exclusively for the MINI Countryman - emphasizing both the sporty and robust than the new model. They are available in different models and sizes, from 16 to 18 inches.

The optional Chrome Line exterior, meanwhile, borrows the look of the MINI Countryman an exclusive special tip. This package adds a spark to specific model elements, including the front bumper and side indicator surrounds. Countryman vents on the MINI Cooper S front brake also an entourage chrome rear bumper is equipped with a chrome strip. The radiator grille slats and the rear number plate surround for all other variants also benefit from a touch of chrome.

Interior: High quality materials and a wide variety of design options.

The interior of the MINI Countryman shows some similarities to the MINI design language established, but adds a refreshing new identity for themselves. All interior surfaces are a new and prominent grain, which merges seamlessly with the powerful style. And interior also reflects the innovative concept of the entire MINI Countryman and character.

The dashboard of the MINI Countryman is astonishing to be pronounced, concave shapes and feel sporty yet functional. A particularly large side vents highlight the interior of the character defined by world-class capabilities. As the central openings, the Center Speedo and tools, have strung together a great surround sound sporting a contrasting color. Side of the board of the center console adds a touch of color and the second is the visual impact of support on the dashboard. The center console exudes a quality feel with a matte black finish with chrome ring around the standard driver installed air conditioning.

The redesigned interior door trim emphasizes the characteristic shape of the body and additional space for a Mini Countryman. MINI brand elliptical ring the door and pulls the arms located in a central location for the first time a new model. This design element in the B-pillars and emphasizes the length of the contour of the interior foam.

MINI Countryman is equipped with a model specific site. MINI Cooper S Countryman, for example, sports seats as standard. All Models can be specified as an option with sports seats in a choice of two cloth / leather or full leather two combinations of options. Another highlight of the series is the variant Lounge seats, exceptionally high quality leather hides reminiscent of pipelines in a classic British car.

The color line offers a selection of customization options to add additional color to highlight the central panel is located inside the ring is elliptical, the lower B-pillar trim and insert Rail Center. The choice of colors including carbon black, beige wool, pure red, brown and snuff - only for the Countryman MINI Cooper S - Navy powerful. Meanwhile, customers can further customize the interior to your personal style with the adjustment items to the cockpit and Chrome Line Interior, which enters the vent, Center Speedo, tachometer and shifter sound enclosure with a subtle sheen.


The latest generation of gasoline and diesel have been contracted to supply the MINI Countryman. The development and the sweetness of sports power optimized to help ensure that the farmer shows excellent agility and comfort MINI long distance. Furthermore, the remarkable ability of all units of extracting maximum benefits from the energy they consume fourth model allows the brand to have a support level of output efficiency compared with its competitors. MINIMALISM extensive measures play a vital role to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The MINI Countryman will be available from launch with a choice of three petrol and two diesel engines, whose technology is based on the superlative level of development of the expertise available within the BMW Group. The output of disk drives ranging from 66 kW/90 hp MINI One D Countryman Countryman to 135 kW/184 hp MINI Cooper S. All engine variants are available to meet Countryman EU5 emissions standard in Europe and ULEV II in the United States.

New generation of petrol and turbodiesel engines.

The five engines that can be ordered for the MINI Countryman has high performance and exceptional efficiency. Petrol and turbodiesel variants belong to a new generation of drive units designed for MINI.

The technology they use is a product for the BMW Group's impressive expertise in engine development. Instantaneous power delivery, free-speed characteristics, high performance and extraordinary refinement are the key features that set a new mini-motors, apart from the crowd.

He also plays the wide range of minimal measures on a central role in reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. Technologies such as Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start / Stop Function, Display crossing point and need an operation based on additional components are included in the model specific combinations.

All petrol engines available for the MINI Countryman enjoy fully variable valve control. This technology without gas load control - based on the system used in BMW's Valvetronic engines and uniqueness of the new MINI model segment - optimizes engine response and also significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions . In a split second, the period of adjustment of the race management of the valves and the opening of the intake valves to the volume of production necessary camshaft acting on the valves through an additional intermediate arm, and not directly by the cam follower. The pivot of this additional intermediate arm is infinitely adjustable by an eccentric shaft driven by an electric motor.

Gasoline engines in the new MINI Countryman has an accelerator, but not used - as in conventional engines - to control the load. In contrast, in normal circumstances, is completely open at all times to minimize loss of flow in the intake manifold, with only a backup emergency and diagnostics. This is the case of the two variants of naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder, which differ mainly in their preparation of mixtures.

Countryman MINI Cooper S: combine the variable valve timing and direct injection with turbocharging for the first time.

The MINI Cooper S Countryman is the first model of the mark when combined management fully variable valve turbocharged direct-injection gasoline. This stunning blend of technology with the 1.6 liter four-cylinder twin-scroll turbocharger to achieve a balance between production and consumption of fuel that is unmatched in this capacity. Fuel economy of this new engine test cycle of the EU is about 9 percent better than its predecessor.

In a turbocharged twin-scroll ducts of two cylinders are combined with each other in the exhaust manifold. This design allows the wind to reach its maximum speed of 210,000 revolutions per minute at low speed. The power of total load (about 0.8 bar gauge) is on tap from as low down the level of the engine speed of 1600 rpm. Instead of the famous "turbo lag" response time is typical of conventional engines with turbocharging, this technology allows the driver to take delivery of instantaneous power. The compressed air is reduced to a low temperature in a heat exchanger before entering the combustion chamber. Increase the oxygen content of the specific way to optimize power.

Gasoline is injected into the engine by a turbo direct injection system. A pump with mechanical dual-piston high-pressure valve to send the rail fuel injection through a stainless steel distribution. High pressure valves and spray fuel directly into the combustion chambers on the side of a maximum of 120 bars of pressure, producing a homogenous fuel / air. The engine of the MINI Cooper S compatriot does not depend on sulfur-free fuel and can be used anywhere in the world.

Countryman four-cylinder motor MINI Cooper S develops maximum output of 135 kW/184 hp speed of 5500 revolutions per minute. Maximum torque of 240 Nm is available between 1600 and 5500 Nm/177 rpm and can be increased to 260 lb-ft Nm/192 for a short time with a turbo overboost function (about 1.0 bar overpressure). It provides greater pulling power in 1700 and 4500 rpm in a particularly dynamic acceleration when needed. Countryman MINI Cooper S Road sprints from 0-100 km / h (62 mph), just 7.6 seconds (automatic: 7.9 seconds) on the road a speed of 215 km / h / 133 mph (automatic: 210 km / h / 130 mph). The average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle should be 6.1 liters (7.1 gallons) per 100 kilometers, or 46.3 (39.8) mpg imp, CO2 emissions and are 143 grams (166 grams) for km.

MINI Cooper S with the All4 Countryman accelerates to 100 km / h (62 mph) 7.9 seconds (automatic: 8.3 seconds) and reaches a top speed of 210 km / h / 130 mph (205 km / h / 127 mph). Countryman average consumption all-wheel-drive MINI Cooper S stands out 6.7 liters (automatic: 7.7 liters) per 100 kilometers, or 42.2 (36.7) mpg imp, CO2 emissions of its 157 grams (180 grams) per km.

MINI Cooper and Mini Countryman Countryman One: sporty character and exceptional efficiency.

The 1.6-liter aspirated Mini Cooper and Mini Countryman Countryman A also use the fully variable valve control to support the delivery of sports power and fuel consumption. Both engines are fed to a multi-point fuel injection. Individually controlled by the electronic engine ignition coils deliver separate each spark plug at the optimum voltage. In addition to the fully variable valve control, other measures such as the oil pump control board, water pump, thermostatically controlled and reduced friction losses in the database engine using the four-cylinder engines very effective in achieving a balance between production and consumption. The new units may require an improvement of up to 9 percent in fuel economy in the European test cycle engines of their respective predecessor.

The engine under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper Countryman produces its peak power of 90 kW/122 hp at 6000 rpm. Maximum torque of 160 lb-ft at 4250 rpm Nm/118 starts per minute.

MINI Cooper Countryman scripts 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in 10.5 seconds (automatic: 11.6 seconds) and is capable of up to 190 kmh / mph 118 (automatic: 182 km / h / 113 mph) . The fuel consumption test cycle the EU is 6.0 liters (7.2 liters) to 100 km (47.0/39.2 mpg imp), CO2 emissions to 140 grams (168 grams) per kilometer.

The role of the lively entry-level variant is carried by the 1.6-liter engine One Mini Countryman. It develops a maximum power of 72 kW/98 hp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 153 lb.-ft. from 3000 rpm Nm/113. MINI One Countryman takes 11.9 seconds (automatic: 13.9 seconds) to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) on his way to a top speed of 173 km / h / 107 mph (168 km / h / 104 km / h). Average fuel consumption test cycle of the EU is 6.0 liters per 100 km or 47.0 mpg imp (automatic: 7.2 liters, 39.2 IMP mpg) and CO2 emissions are 139 grams (168 grams) each.

MINI Cooper D Countryman and the Mini One D Countryman with new turbodiesel engines.

Instant Traction Power, refinement and excellent fuel economy, exceptional brand new generation of turbo diesel engines available for the MINI Countryman. Like their brothers and sisters, in essence, the 1.6-liter four-cylinder diesel is a great advertisement for the remarkable development of knowledge of the BMW Group.

Two diesel engines are equipped with common-rail fuel injection, valve solenoid injector valves have a maximum pressure of 1600 bar. The turbocharger has variable turbine geometry, ensuring that the electricity needed is produced at all engine speeds. Countryman MINI Cooper D and MINI One D Countryman are equipped with particulate filter and oxidation catalyst. No additional injections of fuel is necessary to clean the filter. Extremely lightweight aluminum engine also have the opportunity to set new standards in the segment in terms of engine noise.

The new turbo diesel engine really comes into its own Countryman MINI Cooper D. Maximum power 82 kW/112 hp and 4000 rpm Torque 270 Nm between 1750 and Nm/199 2250 revolutions per minute to produce an immediate and authoritative power delivery. 10.9 seconds is plenty of time to accelerate from 0-100 km / h (62 mph) on the road a speed of 185 km / h (115 mph). Average consumption MINI Cooper D Countryman EU test cycle - 4.4 liters per 100 km (64.2 mpg imp) - is as impressive as the number of 115 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

MINI Cooper D Countryman All4 with four-wheel drive requires 11.6 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h (62 mph) and has a top speed of 180 km / h (112 mph). Its average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is 4.9 litres/100 km (57.6 mpg imp), although the CO2 emissions stand at 129 grams per kilometer.

The most economical variant of the new MINI One D Mini Countryman. Its turbo diesel engine developing 66 kW/90 hp at 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 215 lb.-ft. at only Nm/158 1750 and 2500 rpm. MINI One D Countryman accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in 12.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 170 km / h (106 mph). Its average fuel consumption in the European test cycle of 4.4 litres/100 km (64.2 mpg IMP) and CO2 emissions of 115 grams per set the benchmark in its segment.

Six-speed manual as standard, optional six-speed automatic for petrol engines.

All versions of the MINI Countryman are fitted with a gearbox six-speed manual is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of engine performance. With its precise action and short shift travel that meets all appropriate requirements for a first vehicle in this segment. The MINI One Countryman Countryman Countryman and Mini Cooper MINI Cooper S can be ordered with an optional six-speed automatic transmission with Steptronic paddles on the steering wheel and change.

Minimalism MINI Countryman: Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start / Stop, and the change point of maximum efficiency the display.

The rigorous application of a minimum of MINI Countryman concept gave a series of other measures to improve efficiency to match your engine optimization efficiency. Systems such as brake energy regeneration, which is a standard feature on all model variants, help maximize the economy and to keep emissions. In this case, the intelligent power management ensures that the engine power is channeled mainly to the drive wheels and use the least possible to generate electricity for onboard power supply. As the engine operates in power - the driver accelerates - the alternator is automatically disconnected. Energy production is concentrated in the phases in the MINI Countryman sliding or braking. Brake Energy Regeneration allows fuel consumption and reduce emissions, regardless of driving style. A greater proportion of the energy contained in fuel is converted into agility on the road.

The energy that is lost by the brakes on conventional vehicles as heat is used to produce energy in the MINI Countryman.

At the same time, a constant system of intelligent management of energy monitor the battery charge. Carefully designed phases of regeneration, with a minimum capacity preset storage and use of new AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery technology, ensuring maximum life of the battery.

All model variants of the new MINI Countryman car manual start / stop, the engine shuts off automatically when the car stops, for example, or traffic lights at the intersection. As soon as the driver moves the shift lever into neutral and takes his foot off the clutch, ignition and fuel supply is interrupted, and then the engine stops. When the driver presses the clutch pedal down again, the engine starts automatically and without delay. Every time you start the engine with the Auto Start / Stop device used as a stand-by mode when not just the engine oil has reached operating temperature. If, however, for safety or convenience requires the engine remains active all the time, the system will not interfere with electronics. Auto Start / Stop feature can be disabled at any time to push a button.

The standard screen fitted point shift allows the driver of a MINI Countryman with manual transmission to improve their driving style to maximize fuel economy. The engine electronic controls to maintain a constant watch on the engine speed, road conditions and throttle position, and use of data collection to determine the best equipment for economical driving. Once the time has come for a change, an arrow to that effect appears in the display cabinet in the face of the tachometer. Next to him, the ideal relationship is shown as a figure.

Point of view shift can be enabled or disabled via the onboard computer. In addition, the system takes into account the behavior at any given time. For example, if you need a rapid acceleration, shift point display will stop temporarily.

Power transfer and chassis.

While the state of art engines deliver power, the new chassis and optional all-wheel drive system designed and developed specifically for MINI Countryman to ensure that energy is used in a new and unforgettable experience to conduct. The fourth model in the brand line-up after One provides an interesting level of flexibility unmatched by any of its rivals, immediately highlighting his identity as part of the mining blocks. The sophisticated chassis technology allows this "go-kart" feel - a hallmark of all MINI - combined with driving comfort that meets the needs of everyday driving and long distance travel.

Customers looking for an increased level of tension can specify all-wheel drive system Countryman ALL4 MINI MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper D models Countryman Marking the beginning of all-wheel drive a MINI, ALL4 variable distributes power between the police and the rear wheels. This opens the way for better traction on surfaces superlatives in bulk and an extra dose of driving pleasure, when the driver decides to explore trends sports MINI Countryman.

The chassis Countryman an advanced MINI consists of a MacPherson front struts with forged track and control groups, multi-link rear suspension and electromechanical power steering system EPS assistance with speed-sensitive power. As an optimization of active safety systems all models come standard with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system. Optionally available is Dynamic Traction Control (DTC, standard on the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Countryman Countryman with ALL4 D) and a function of electronic differential lock on the front axle.

MINI All4: More driving fun on or off the roads.

Countryman MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper D Countryman can be specified as an option with the constant all-wheel drive MINI ALL4. Based on an electro-magnetic center differential distributes the system works well between the front and rear axles. The result is an expression of controlled stretching of the treatment attributes, the MINI is famous, allowing the driver to experience the driving pleasure associated with the mark on rough surfaces, and asphalt. Added to the MINI ALL4 improves the dynamic potential of the car and it permeates all the more confident particularly in critical situations.

Under normal circumstances, up to 50 percent of engine power is sent to the rear wheels in extreme situations, such as ice or snow, this can reach 100 percent. This need-based distribution to drive the front and rear to optimize the efficiency of the MINI Crossover. Integration with the MINI All4 directly to the electronic control of the DSC for the first time to achieve response times of less than one second tenth. This means that the Mini Countryman to respond to the changing needs of the dynamic distribution of the right to drive the situation. This gives the car an unsurpassed agility, combined with characteristics of extreme driving safety, as one expects from the MINI. MINI All4 proactive intervention required to drive the system to share the situation at hand makes it prevents the wheels from spinning. All this means that the driver enjoys the benefits of a dynamic system, and very comforting.

In addition, both models have a very specific ALL4 chassis set up. The reader with sophisticated and final drive shaft which includes a shock absorber internal, the introduction of all-wheel drive variants of the same standard MINI Countryman high acoustic comfort and dynamic models with front wheel drive.

New chassis provides the handling MINI Countryman best in its segment.

The unique position held by the MINI Countryman in its segment is based, among other things, the "go-kart" handling that is synonymous with the brand. Mini Chassis technology, which was developed for the crossover model, comfortable harness the potential of the engine power is impressive and makes it with great authority in the legs moving. In particular, emphasizing sports management and excellent driving comfort lift head and shoulders above their MINI Countryman competitors with comparable vehicle concepts.

The front axle of a power Countryman MacPherson and forged frame gun control. This construction provides an excellent guide wheel and ensures that the engine can be felt in the steering wheel, even under hard acceleration or cornering at high speed. Moreover, the difference in length between the drive shafts to the front wheels left and right - the result of the transverse engine layout - is matched by an intermediate shaft. This design element, usually found only on the front and all-wheel drive vehicles in higher segments, prevents twisting acceleration and deceleration.

Multi-link rear axle of the MINI Countryman, who benefited from the expertise of the BMW Group in chassis development, is designed to fit into either a front wheel drive or all-wheel drive construction. Anti-roll bars front and rear axle to minimize body sway, further improving the safety and agility of the car driving characteristics. The suspension of the MINI Cooper S Countryman has a configuration even sportier than the other model variants. In addition, a sport suspension that lowers the ride height as the car 10 millimeters (about 0.4 ") is given as an option for all variants of the MINI Countryman.

The powerful brakes MINI Countryman allow entry and maintain accurate performance even with heavy loads. The front brakes are ventilated discs with a diameter within 294 mm or 11.6 "(Countryman MINI Cooper S: 307 mm or 12.1"), the elements are equipped with solid rear discs 280 mm or 11 ".

Electromechanical power steering: MINI brand management with unprecedented efficiency.

A large proportion of credit to the agility of the MINI Countryman is EPS (Electric Power Steering), available as standard on all versions. The accuracy of the application system provides a very accurate at all speeds, and clear information that has become the MINI brand. The assistance provided by the power of the EPS is classified according to the speed of the car. Parking maneuvers at low speed requires very little effort from the driver, but the degree of assistance is reduced at high speeds with precision control. In addition, EPS also reduces tremor and other unwanted vibrations of management to stunning effect.

The agility of the Countryman - a characteristic of all cars MINI - is achieved with remarkable efficiency. Unlike the mechanical / hydraulic energy, the energy is generated by an electric motor. This motor is only activated when power assistance is needed or desired by the driver. This means that the straight sections of the street or driving in curves with a constant angle of rotation, no energy is used. EPS is an element of the set of minimum measures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Also on the list of standard equipment for the MINI Countryman is the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system. DSC including ABS anti-lock brakes, electronic force distribution (EBD), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Brake Assist and Hill Assist. DTC allows controlled slip on the drive wheels in the country out of deep snow or loose sand. DTC is standard on both variants All4 with all-wheel and front wheel drive version of the MINI Cooper S Countryman, and optional on other models. When the stability of the system is disabled (Off DSC) the role of electronic differential lock front axle comes into play. In tight turns a spinning wheel brakes as necessary to improve handling. Electronic differential lock is known as Control (EDLC), this system improves the vehicle's traction without jeopardizing their control of the properties.

Countryman MINI Cooper S is a 17-inch alloy wheels as standard. Countryman MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper D Countryman in turn, are standard 16-inch light alloy wheels, available in a choice of two exclusive models. Countryman MINI One and MINI One D Countryman has a 16-inch steel wheels. 18-inch wheels are optional on all model variants, and 19-inch wheels can be ordered range of accessories to borrow Countryman look even sportier.

Body and occupant protection.

Although the interior design of the MINI Countryman clearly shows similarities to the MINI design language of the family increases its diameter by itself gives a fresh and original. In fact, the wheelbase of 2,595 mm Countryman (102.2 ") and the machine is 1561 mm (61.5") long, offering a degree of interior space and functionality that exceeds any model of brand has been built before.

The MINI Countryman concept of security is also based on the principles developed for cars of the brand and was born in detail for the new vehicle concept. The structures of the body structure members and the size and design of crumple zones are designed to maintain forces in a collision near the cabin to the greatest extent possible. Restrictions inside the MINI Countryman provide maximum protection in the widest range of possible accident scenarios.

Features of the Mini Countryman raised driving position, more space and a sliding rear seat.

A feature of the MINI Countryman is out riding position. This allows convenient access to the car, the driver optimizes the overall image of the road and offers a driving experience more powerful, as a Sports Activity Vehicle.

The individual seats as standard to the rear can slide forward or back independently by 130 millimeters (5 ") The three-seat rear bench -. Available as a free solution - also share this feature and sliding-seat for a 60:. 40 divide a stroller, for example, can tap into the luggage compartment of the MINI Countryman without moving the seat of their default position.

The rear seat backs can be moved into position in case of more load carrying capacity is needed, increase the size of the luggage 350-450 liters (12.4 to 15.8 cubic feet). In addition, the rear seatbacks can be folded down to partially or fully support the flexible use of space behind. Therefore, three-seat rear bench seat to allow 40: 20: 40 split, increasing the luggage capacity of up to 1170 liters (41.3 cubic feet). This creates space for two mountain bikes with front wheels removed. Available as an option to integrate the system's standard roof rails rear rack capacity, which can be produced for factory installation.

MINI Center Rail: unique storage concept has a wide range of customization options.

Instead of a center console between the conventional seats, the MINI Countryman has an innovative rail system. The only train MINI Centre allows personal items to have on hand at all times. Besides, it creates a visual and functional link between the front and rear. If the MINI Countryman is equipped with individual seats in the back, the train U-shaped center through the center of the rear passenger in the rear seat. If the three rear seats are specified, however, the MINI Centre Rail stops at the front seatbacks.

A specially designed and easy to use clip-in mounting system allows the MINI Centre Rail to be divided as desired and equipped with different storage elements. Everything from the console for entertainment devices and telecommunications in the cup holders, a showcase in the design of the MINI in the center armrest can be mounted on the track safely and easily. Storage elements and holders can slide back and forth continuously along the central rail.

Concept of comprehensive security - including measures to improve pedestrian safety.

The high level of passive safety is obtained by Countryman MINI is reflected in its massive and robust. Growing up high, not only before the crossover model takes a very strong position that it complies with current legislation for pedestrian protection. Large crumple zones are designed to reduce the risk of injury in a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist.

Inside the driver and passengers are protected by MINI Countryman restraints highly effective. In addition, the body structure is also designed to provide maximum protection for occupants in an accident. Member Structures extremely durable, crush zones precisely defined and cabin help to maintain extremely strong impact energy of the car's interior. The external forces generated in a collision deviate from passengers wisely through the structural elements in the soil and the side of the firewall and the front and rear of the car. This ensures that the impact energy is distributed among various body parts and transferred to the deformation zones.

All security is controlled by a central safety electronics so that they are activated, if necessary, a variety of collision. Standard equipment on board the MINI Countryman includes front and side airbags, curtain airbags, and half of the front and rear seats. All seats have three-point inertia reel seatbelts, while the front seats have pretensioners and force limiters, Isofix attachments and restraint shown in the back.

Countryman The MINI Cooper S with the drive system comes standard with 205/50 R17 tires All4 with run-flat technology. These tires are optional for all other models. The optional 18-inch comes with run-flat tires. All variants are equipped MINI Countryman malfunction indicator Tyre standard. This system monitors tire and alerts the driver with a sign of visible damage to the computer screen on board.
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